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How to Use Gym Exercise Machines : Using the Chest Press Exercise Machine at the Gym

Learn how to use the chest press machine at the gym for strength training exercises in this free online video demonstration. Expert: Mike Colangelo Contact: Bio: During…


doomkid360 says:

injuries apparently. because in most of these vids, they show you theses
ways for ur own safety, and so you can get the best outta the workout,
without straining urself too much and stuff. thats what i think at least.

skateboardsteve409 says:

15kg each side. im doing free weight now, upto 35 a side and can do same
for dumbells. the bar i use is 20kg , cheers

mrsyoliyoshi says:

Awesome teacher and trainer

RIVAHOOD25 says:

im 14 and i chest press 150 ;D

2012siukit says:

so im the best here i am 5 years old and i can chest press 17000 lbs

br4ve says:

thanks this really helped me.

zalciokas says:


Teesside Nihilist says:

i’m 17 and i do 3 sets of 10 or 8 102kgs on this

hector67784 says:

@kickmeout1 why do you lie 60 inche bicepts are probaly the same height as
you and if you can chest press 6000 lbs at 9 then your just stupid because
its bad for you

impactkidftw says:

im 15 and i can do 80kg, i only wiegh 55kg myslef been training since i was
13 :)

jambogenie says:

I cant i can do alot more on the chests press than if i was to bench press
i think its because your on a fixed movement from the machine you dont have
to steady the bar as you bring it up, for instance i can chest press 70ish
but on the bench press i find it hard to go past 50. but thats just me it
could be diffrent for others, hope that helped

rocknguitar007 says:

DUDE I KNOW!! im like wtf!

selvakumaran velupillai says:

How do I know you are showing correct..are you qualified …

bauereastonhockey says:

Chest pressed 200 yesterday!

MrShamps100 says:

thax man now i now how 2 use using the chest press manchine

kickmeout1 says:

no, at 13 you should be chest pressing at least 950 lbs, i am 9 years old
and 7 foot tall with 60 inch biceps and i chest press 6000 lbs.

skateboardsteve409 says:

i used to do this machine when i started gym, now i do benh press on smith
machine, but sumtimes i do go back to this machine just to add a change to
my routine, i been going gym 4-5 months now i can bench 55kg now , when
started i could only do 15kg haha , i love weightlifting i enjoy it alot

Randy Gehl says:

What if your chest is stronger then your legs?

LeeSmellyFingers says:

dont want to lock joints but he keeps locking his elbows :S

markmiata says:

Kind of off the path here..Are doing negatives important ? I see people
skip negatives ,they tell me they feel stronger because they can do more
reps by skipping the negs..

Martin Cantwell says:

Stop locking your elbows out, God dammit! Who the hell teaches these people
how to teach others?

doomkid360 says:

i totally see it, i mean, i guess he’s not, but yeah 😛

FairwayJack says:

When should you grip the vertical handles…and what difference does it
make ??

Evan Allen says:

should you work out ech muscle once a week or twice?

quincy3521 says:

dont waste your time with a chest press machine

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