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Human Resources for Health

This week on TWiGH, we take a day to appreciate “World Health Worker Week” and Human Resources for Health – we talk about the importance of CHWs in delivery of Global Health. We also take…


Global Health with Greg Martin says:

Human Resources for Health on TWIGH

Mohamed Abdinoor says:

Very good discussion on a relevant topic.The Rwanda story on successful
continuum of care and tremendous growth on healthcare overall is quite is
inspiring. I will use the community-own resource persons in place of
Community Health Worker to encourage community support for the CHWs

Global Health with Greg Martin says:

Really enjoyed this weeks TWIGH show – LOVED the news updates from +Brian

Caity Jackson says:

Was so glad to have an episode on this topic, a very important one in light
of the threat to frontline health workers in this recent ebola epidemic

Sulzhan Bali says:

Loved +Kris Ronsin’s comment that HRH is so important that it deserves a
special week!! The post show discussion on Maternal & Child Health- talking
about the important role midwives play in reducing leading cause of death
in 15-19 year old girls: pregnancy complications and unsafe abortions

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