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I really need help with this. I'm just starting off and I really need some guidance. I'm 172 and 5'5. I started off at 180 at my highest weight. Is there anything you could do to steer me in the proper direction? I'm a little lost and I lose motivation quickly. I really want this for myself. Oh, I have a Planet Fitness membership.

First off, CONGRATS! By deciding to start you’re on your way :)

All the best stuff I’ve learned about health and fitness can be found here on my main blog.


I’ll highlight my beginner’s guide to weight training and How to Design Your Weekly Workout Plan.


My 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge changed how I view food. Check it out for how to eat right and how not to get bored of healthy food (THERE IS MORE TO HEALTH THAN SALADS! also salads can be cool. Salads are like the dads of health food. everyone thinks they’re lame and they totally can be but salads can also be cool and help you out. you just gotta give ‘em a chance.)


Make sure to do things gradually. That’s how you’ll stick with them. A sudden, 7-workouts-per-week exercise plan won’t work. Try just 3-4 days for a few weeks, and build up.

Same with HIIT. You don’t start doing sprint intervals the first day you hit the track.

Pace yourself and stick with it. Be positive and you can do anything :)



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