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Isometrics: Isometric exercise for quick strength training and conditioning (Isometrics, bodyweight training, strength training, conditioning, ripped, six-pack)


Boosting strength in 10 minutes four times a week?

If somebody were to tell me a couple of years ago that I can get significant results in strength training in under an hour per week I would laugh in their face. Right now, I am the guy saying to people that they too can get stronger quickly!

Isometric exercise, when done properly, is a very high intensity training. Although exercises like the classic plank are effective and have their role, they won’t give your that raw strength and explosiveness.

When you are educated and aware of the benefits and techniques that must be employed in order to seize them, you can achieve any goal and progressively achieve almost any amount of strength.

This book will guide you through the real-deal, high-intensity, no cookie-cutter isometric routines that will first surprise you with the challenge and then amaze you with results.

How to Get Stronger in Minutes?

1. Allow That Possibility!

2. Employ a High-Intensity Isometric Protocol

3. Use It In Conjunction With Your Other Training Modalities or Exclusively

4. Observe the Results…

The “Isometrics” guide will provide you with all the information you need to structure your own isometrics routine (or use a sample one) that will fit your individual training schedule and goals and open your eyes to vast possibilities that this training modality provides.

Why Use My Book? Because It Will Teach You How To:

Build Real, Measurable StrengthUse the Techniques to Create More Explosive and Quick MusclesTrain Everywhere You May Find Yourself And Still Make ProgressTrain Without Any Equipment and Still Get StrongerUse Isometrics In Bodybuilding to Enhance Your Physique Even FurtherDo much, much moreThis is NOT a stuffy, lengthy university book. All content is straightforward and written in plain English. This guide iseasy and fun to read, but most importantly easy to implement and start reaping the benefits.

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