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Jessica Smith: Boost Metabolism and Muscle! Strength Training for Women, Low Impact, High Results Home Exercise Video


If weight loss is one of your fitness goals, these strength routines may be just what you need to bust out of a plateau!

Studies show that regular strength training increases your overall calorie burn not only during your workouts but in everyday activities too – even while you sleep!

These 3 varied, metabolic conditioning circuits are designed to help you build muscular endurance, functional strength, boost your metabolism, prevent and even reverse bone loss.

Feel free to mix and match these workouts into your weekly schedule (we recommend alternating them with your favorite cardio and flexibility training routines 2-4 days a week). Check out our other titles in this series, our “Walk STRONG: Burn Fat and Have Fun” and “Walk STRONG: Build Balance and Inner Strength,” for some great options! You can also use these workouts in conjunction with our “Walk STRONG: Total Transformation 6 Week System!” Visit to download our free, printable “Phase III” calendar which includes our suggested 6 week schedule.

CIRCUIT 1: UPPER FOCUS – This circuit utilizes the entire body with a main emphasis on the upper half.

CIRCUIT 2: LOWER FOCUS – This circuit works your entire body with extra emphasis on the lower half.

CIRCUIT 3: TOTAL FOCUS – These full body moves target the major muscles throughout your entire body.

EQUIPMENT NEEDED: A mat and two sets of dumbbells – one lighter set for smaller muscles like the arms, shoulders and a heavier set for larger muscles like the legs, chest and back. Only have 1 set of weights? No worries! Follow our modifier Debbie, age 60, for options.

About Your Instructor: Jessica Smith has over 15 years of experience as a certified trainer, instructor and wellness coach.

Product Features

  • 3, 30-Minute Fat Blasting, Strength Building Workouts!
  • Metabolic Conditioning Circuits With A Variety of Low Impact [no jumping] Exercises
  • Build Muscular Endurance, Functional Strength, Boost Metabolism
  • Prevent (Even Reverse) Bone Loss
  • Lose Inches, Build Fitness and Enjoy Exercise (yes, it’s possible! :)


Janessa E. Butterfield says:

The PERFECT Tri-Fecta for Total Body Toning, ALL ON ONE DVD!!! I LOVE STRENGTH TRAINING. As a former “cardio junkie”, I learned the hard way that strictly engaging in cardio training leads to stalled results. The reason being, cardio training fails to develop metabolically active muscle, meaning you burn fewer calories at rest. Fast forward nearly 6 years later, and the majority of my fitness regimen revolves around strength training. I have constantly sought the PERFECT at-home workout DVD that allowed me to work ALL the major muscle…

Cindy W. says:

Excellent workouts!

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