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Jim’s Weight Training Guide, Superset Style!: A Resistance Training Method For Weight loss, Muscle Growth, Endurance and Strength Training


Hi, I’m James Atkinson (Jim to my friends and readers). I’m a qualified fitness coach, competing bodybuilder and have a burning desire to help others reach their fitness goals.

I have been training for nearly 20 years and this training has taken me from long distance running to bodybuilding competition.

It is fair to say that I have learned the secrets of weight loss and fitness from my own personal journey. I have been fat, skinny and muscle bound throughout my fitness career and I really feel fulfillment from helping and advising others when it comes to their goals.

This book is all about the very well-known but little practiced (correctly) method of training known as “Supersets”.

My aim with this book is to give you the knowledge so you will:

• Be able to identify the workload that best suits your training goal

• Effectively add supersets to your existing workouts

• Use the method “full time”

• Plan to use supersets to target your weaknesses

• Be in a position to devise your own workout routine using this method

From my first year of resistance training I knew of the superset concept but it was many years later that I started to use it to good effect in my training and later, my clients training too.

It was through my own exercise and learning that I was able to fashion this method into something that could be used in all types of workout.

Whether you are looking to build muscle, burn fat or even train for endurance, you can:

• Use supersets to shorten your workouts

• Increase intensity

• Add volume to your training

• Add variety to your average training session

This book includes examples of full workout routines for different levels of fitness and different fitness goals. These can be followed directly from the book, but my main focus is to pass on my knowledge so you can adapt your training or tweak the featured routines to great effect.

I will wish you good look and IL see you on the inside. Let’s get started!……


Grady Harp says:

Supersets in weight training and how to use them Of all the many aspects of James Atkinson’s books and programs and on and off line guides that make them special, it is his absolutely no nonsense approach that takes first place. He is a realistic, thoughtful, caring, but direct coach and he foregoes any ballyhoo about promises that can’t be kept. He takes the time to offer sound advice to prepare his followers, discusses all types of training from the dietary aspect to resistance training, cardio training, tucks in some supportive information…

De's says:

Great guide James put a great amount of valuable information into this guide, which is dedicated to supersets. For those who do not know what supersets are, no worries. You will once you are done reading this, as he explains lifting terminology very well, so that even a beginner can follow along, and apply what he is teaching. He has a lot of examples, instructions, and demonstrations, that really can give some great value. I can reference many of the pages as needed inside of my kindle with ease…

Chris says:

Well structured advice on superset training As usual, Jim’s book is well structured and gives detailed information on not just “what” to do, but on how to do it properly and the reasons superset training works.Images detailing how to carry out each exercise are also included along with training routines or ways to inject supersets into your current routine.The biggest plus? Jim himself, I’ve found he is always more than happy to answer any niggling questions you might have personally. Something you can’t…

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