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No no no no no. 

THIS is why people keep saying “Fitspo is just thinspo with muscles” or whatever along those lines. 

This is making people feel guilty over food or what they want to eat, that working out for “the body you’ve dreamed about for years” is more important. I’m basically reading this as, skip the food you wanted because you won’t get the body you dreamed about. That’s sick. That’s wrong. This is such an unhealthy mindset to go though. 

What’s more important actually is your healthy, and it IS what you eat. You can’t workout or function without food…food gives you what you NEED to LIVE, not just workout. You have to make sure you’re getting ENOUGH to eat! Yes, all this healthy food is good for you, but so much healthy food is  low in calories…it feels like you’re full but at the end of the day, if you track what you eat, 8 out of 10 are going to see they haven’t even reached their BMR, never mind their BMR plus extra calories they need when they workout. I see too many people, even fitblrs,  being afraid of food – thinking  that unhealthiness is going to do them wrong…wait..fitblrs? The people who are supposed to be healthy? Being afraid to eat a certain food, or excluding foods (in my opinion) IS NOT HEALTHY AT ALL. 

You should NEVER feel guilty about eating! EVER. I don’t care if you ate three slices of pizza – that won’t ruin you at all and you can STILL get where you want to be. What happened to moderation? I see thousands of people feeling bad over eating a slice of cake, and then people receiving messages from these people about how bad they feel and these “fitblrs” and go along with it…not saying it was okay. 

Moderation is key. You can literally eat a bowl of ice cream every day and still be able to lose weight or get your “goal body”. It’s all about having your MAIN consumption of food be healthy. 80% healthy food 20% whatever you want. As long as you ate good for the day, a slice of cake, or ice cream, or a chocolate bar IS NOT IN ANYWAY GOING TO RUIN YOU. You ARE NOT going to set yourself back, and ARE NOT going to wake up 5lbs heavier from one “unhealthy” snack or one “unhealthy” meal. You can have a whole day of bad eating and you still will be okay! What IS wrong is going by a day to day basis and eating shit and junk. THAT’s what isn’t okay. First and foremost, you need to get your eating habits under control before you even think about working out.

This message is not healthy. It’s funny cause that’s what the fitblr community is all about right? Oh..guess not, and this photo had three thousand plus notes on it – all from fitblrs claiming to be healthy and positive and all that shit. 

Sorry guys, this makes me so mad. So many fitblrs think they’re so much better than everyone else, but sadly their not, they could easily be seen as thinspo…just doing whatever it takes to be skinny and build muscle. Because just because someone has muscle and whatnot, doesn’t mean their healthy either. 

Just eat goddamnit. 

Yes! I’ve lost over 60 lbs and I’ve had a “bad” food every single day. It might be a brownie or ice cream but it hasn’t stopped me from losing weight because I’m eating good the rest of the time. Moderation is the key.

This is why I feel awkward and ashamed to call my blog a fitspo, because of these types of posts. I prefer healthspo because my mental and physical health is way more important than whether I have a six pack or not.

I hate posts that are supposed to make us feel guilty for eating so called “bad foods”. Sometimes you just need a damn cookie. It is unhealthy to restrict yourself from certain foods and to think you need to eat clean and workout and all that 100% of the time. This is why I’m not beating myself up about December being basically an entire rest month (not completely by choice, but you get it).


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