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Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s 30-Minutes to Fitness Muscle Up: Lift 2B Fit DVD


*Fact: Muscle burns calories * Fact: We lose 5% of muscle each year after age 26 * Fact: Muscle loss leads to premature bone loss ** Muscle is crucial to sustain a strong, healthy and fit lifestyle! 30MTF “MU” has 2, 30 minute workouts that will help you stop losing muscle and start rebuilding a strong foundation. These workouts are designed to reshape your physique and revitalize your lifestyle in less time. All of the exercises used are traditional lifts taken right off the gym floor and formatted for you. The key to your success in “MU” is straight-forward and simple for everyone: use heavier weights than usual. ** Workout One is Back/Chest and Shoulders and Workout Two is Legs/Glutes and Arms. Also included in “Muscle Up/Lift 2B Fit” are numerous premixes, including a full body workout and an additional Abs Bonus.

Product Features

  • Released 2014, this DVD from Kelly Coffey-Meyer includes TWO complete 30-minute workouts on one disc!
  • Attention everyone over 26 years of age…Its time to Stop losing muscle and start gaining it…You won’t get bulky…you’ll get lean!
  • This advanced-level fitness DVD can be modified for intermediate level by using lighter weight until you’re able to advance to heavier
  • Workout One is Back/Chest and Shoulders and Workout Two is Legs/Glutes and Arms
  • This DVD includes a BONUS CORE segment as well as several PREMIXES to enhance your fitness routine


ssMN says:

Just what I was looking for I have several of Kelly’s workout videos, but this is definitely one of my favorites. There’s no cardio in this one, like there usually is with her other videos. This is just straight up weight lifting, which is what I’m looking for. I already get plenty of cardio in, I don’t need it in my workout videos. There are a few pushups, but I’m getting used to those. Kelly doesn’t always tell you how much weight is being used, but she encourages you to go heavy. It’s up to you to determine what…

LA1 says:

I love this workout 0

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