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Kettlebell Workouts & Paleo Diet Plan: How To Use Kettlebells and a Clean Diet To Build a Functional Lean Body


(LEARN: How to Build a Strong, Lean and Healthy Body!)

Wish you could find a workout and diet that simply works? Turned off by long boring cardio and meat heads at the gym? Or simply want to learn a few proven tips to improve your functional fitness and eat better?

The good news is a lot of cardio or machine exercises are ineffective and simply wasting your time. There is a quicker and more effective way.

The Truth?? Is a lot can be achieved with compound functional exercises and a clean diet in a short time:

For instance there are basic kettlebell moves that are pure force multipliers i.e. moves that benefit everything from athletic performance to weigh loss. Used in combination with the paleo diet plan which is a few simple meals you should set as your daily default option. Plus a ton of tips and different kettlebell exercises to give you the tools to achieve the results you are after.

In this book you will learn:

(Force multiplier: The 3 Key Moves That Benefit Everything)(Getting Stronger Without Adding Muscle)(Tips to get an Edge in Training)(Kettlebell Cardio)(Exercise Toolkit)(Rules for Structuring Workouts)(3 Power Breakfasts)(2 Power Lunch’s)(4 Quick Snacks)(4 Ways to Finish Strong With Dinner)(Supplements that Work)(Kicking the Last 10% Using HIIT)

Would You Like To Know More?

Download and start building a better you today.

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petience Hanson says:

I love it. Excellence Guide, I love it..I’ve been getting great results so far with my kettlebell from the exercises / routines in this training ebook. My arms are finally getting toned like I wanted them to be in the areas that I’ve been struggling with since I started getting back into shape.Actually, this book moves smoothly from the most elementary understanding of what kettlebells are and the benefits they provide into how the reader can begin to immediately benefit from their use.I…

tglasier says:

Great Collection of Information I really enjoyed reading this book, I found the tone to be conversational and relatable. I liked how this was such a well rounded plan- including both workouts and paleo meal ideas. It was pretty easy to tell that the author practices what he preaches. I really liked that the meal ideas weren’t just recipes listed. I liked the meal ideas presented with the author’s own personal touches added, such as his experiences and interesting facts. I actually learned quite a few things I had no idea…

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