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Last Health Boy | 라스트 헬스보이 (Gag Concert / 2015.05.02)

Telecasting Time: Saturdays 04:30pm | Sundays 01:20am (Seoul, UTC+9) – For more info:…


LuisT says:

First comment yess!! Great videos keep them coming, FIGHTING!!!

101loveislife says:

Mr.Bok!!!! <3 <3 <3

Gh0stkK0823 says:

Suyeong looks like ryeowook somehow.

lotus ly says:

Wow…the weight loss…I told myself when the first skit came out,that I
would loss weight with him -_- .Guess I will do that tmr XD

Charly- Rawwr says:

Amazing work !!!!

Casthe . says:

Suyeong looks happier:3 I’m just glad they’re promoting health!

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