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please keep in mind that sam nor I are professionals and can only answer these questions based on our own experiences. thumbs up for a part 2 since I wasn’t able to address a lot of your questions!…


Meg Hilbs says:

Sam is very well spoken and super informative <3 Loved her insight on
anxiety, a lot of the things she talked about I related to with my
experiences. Your discussion on therapy really made me realize I should
probably start going back :/ unfortunately I haven’t had the best
experiences with it, but its worth a shot to try and find someone I vibe
well with and can talk to. Wonderful video Sarah!

Dervla Murphy says:

Hey i loved this video as it helped me conclude that I definitely have
anxiety and ocd and maybe other things. Does anyone have any advice on how
to tell people you are close to or your loved ones that you think you have
anxiety and how to approach a doctor or GP in the UK thanks love your
channel and you are so brave for opening up about these things as I even
have panic attacks thinking about it xxxxx

Sarah Hawkinson says:

Just a random fact, but I love Sam’s voice. It is very soothing.

The Cat Melon says:

This was such a great video. Sam, so much respect to you for talking as
much as you did about your illnesses!

Christal J says:

You look so Kendall-esque ❤

Christal J says:

Sam’s voice is cute. Reminds me of Mindy Kaling lol.

But anyways you guys are so cool for doing this video. I think I may have
anxiety and never watched a video on it or heard people talk about it and
go in depth about it especially when they themselves have it.

Audrey Baker says:

do a video on the minds of a serial killer next please ! :)

Christal J says:

Makeup on fleek

Moonbaby says:

my boyfriend has severe GAD and OCD, which includes intensely ruminating
thoughts which dominate every aspect of his life. his CBT therapist
recommended that it’s actually extremely unhealthy to consciously avoid
situations where you feel your GAD/OCD may be an issue… only makes the
anxiety worse. you should focus not on avoiding the situation but
techniques to help yourself cope

biabiaGRACEE says:


anita dick says:

My anxiety is at a high right now, because I have to perform a song for my
music assessment in front of almost my entire year level tomorrow!! :((

Taylor says:

I get anxiety about everything no matter what. It’s very annoying. I wish I
could tell my brain to take a chill pill lol.

MissSunshine221 says:

Do you study psychology? What do you want to do after college? Like, what
do you want your job to be? :)

BournTo Read says:

I dislike opening up to my parents or anyone i’m close to about my mental
illnesses because they think i’m self diagnosing for attention. I’ve been
diagnosed by a therapist with anxiety/depression, and i don’t like that
when i bring it up to my step mom, she acts like she doesn’t care and i
know my dad thinks its in my head and its something i’m just now saying
because of my break up in Dec. Thank you both for making this video, and i
wanted to ask a question, does it count as a disability, and do you girls
think an animal could be a form of coping? I haven’t been prescribed
medication for either disorder, but i believe i need it.

itskayleexo says:

I love these videos can’t wait to see more! What are you wearing on your
eyes?? I’d love to see a tutorial on it

Brittany Davis says:

Thank you. What lipstick are you wearing?

Nadine Botterman says:

It’s nice to see Sam on your channel again! I think she’s very brave for
opening up like she did in this video :)

Arillyss Herondale says:

Yeah, as long as your first appointment isn’t a QandA at the hospital like
mine was, seeing a psychiatrist is pretty basic

kissemiss says:

Could you make a video about your time with anti-depressants? I just
started taking mine and I think you’re very cool and inspirational and
since I’m wanting to continue making youtube videos myself but not having
the motivation or strength, I think it would be very helpful hearing your
story, how the time frame looked and things to think about etc.


Desiree McConn says:

this is such an amazing video. you guys are so brave and inspiring

Sydney Van K says:

JESUS Can you PLEASE do a makeup tutorial on this look? I AM DYING.

Mental Makeup says:

Loved this video! It’s wonderful seeing others communicate openly about
this topic.

ywoy says:

Sam is so incredibly eloquent i love when ur in videos together!!

Claire Salas says:

These types of videos help me so much. Thank you so much. I hope to someday
be able to get myself to go and get the help I need to overcome things in
my life so I can live it fully and not have my mind stopping me from doing
small things that I know I should be able to do. <3

RobstenPattintwart says:

What’s Sam’s zodiac sign?

Taylor Dorman says:

Therapists are actually the only people I’m somewhat comfortable with. Like
what you guys said, they are really understanding and nonjudgemental.

The Life Of Jade says:

Im meant to be on anti-depressants but haven’t took them for a week and i
feel much better, but idk what to do?

anditspaganpoetry says:

Sam is beautiful at speaking – very easy and nice to follow

Amy-Rose Darbyshire says:

Hi, I just read an amazing book called ‘reasons to stay alive’ by matt haig
which deals with the stigma surrounding depression and anxiety and I just
thought it might help someone else who is watching this video. Ps. Great
video girls! Thanks for sharing x

Vannessa Perez says:

you both should seriously be psychologist!
Very informative!

maddieg says:

thumbs up if u have social anxiety so badly that u can’t call strangers on
the phone :33

Alexis Archer says:

i dont know if i have social anxiety or if its even anxiety at all because
i can be completely fine in a crowd of people at a festival or whatever but
sometimes when im out.. for example like yesterday i was in the mall
waiting in line at victorias secret and all of a sudden i got very anxious
and got dizzy and felt like i was going to throw up and my heart was
beating really fast.. this happens when i’m out QUITE frequently. thank god
ive never had a full blown panic attack in public because id be embarrassed
and i can usually talk myself out of it or distract myself from it but its
getting out of hand and idk what to do about it.. or if its even anxiety /
social anxiety / whatever.

Kalis M says:

your makeuppp

kathryner1 says:

Tutorial on your eye makeup?!? It’s gorgeous 😀 also, great video. I’m
diagnosed with depressive disorder and I’m taking medication. I really
appreciate the effort to break the stigma. Much love to yall.

Danielle E says:

if you have social anxiety you really shouldnt avoid situations that would
heighten your anxiety, i have social anxiety as well and i found that
staying isolated in my comfort zone didnt really make my issue any better.
so you must put yourself into these situations so that every time it comes
up it becomes easier

emilyisaghoul says:

great video, i just wish in england they were better at treating mental
health issues it seems like no matter how many times you go for help they
push you aside (at least in my experience)

MissDeadBones says:

What a sweetheart Sam seems to be. Super cool you made this video. I hope
people found help in this!

SandraOlufsen says:

Loved this! So amazing :) So glad mental illness is becoming more and more
talked about. It is still a long way to it becoming as acceptable and
understanding as other illness like broken leg or cancer,but it is on the
right way :)

Spencer Harwood says:

This video was soo helpful :) My social anxiety doesn’t arc up until about
an hour before I’m due to meet my friends. I always end up panicking and
crying, then going out looking and feeling disheveled. Its even worse when
I have to meet my boyfriends friends or work friends that I’m not overly
close with. I end up being mean to people, I don’t mean to be, I can see
myself being a bitch to people but I can’t pull myself back. It’s like a
defense mechanism. Do you have any tips for this?

Hanna Chinaski says:

Mental Health or Illness is a theme, nobody talks about. But it’s
everywhere. A lot of people say: “You’re going to a therapist, you’re
crazy.” And that is a problem. I’m glad, you did this video. When people
see this video, they stop thinking about freaks, going to therapist. A
cool, nice and pretty person also can go to a therapist. And it’s okay. You
are searching for help and that is very brave and a good step into a better

Phoebe Batchelor says:

I’ve always thought I’ve border lined on bipolar because I thought I had it
first as my dad has it really bad and I had a lot of symptoms of it but I
head diagnosed with depression. But now I’m recovering from depression I
still think I might border on bipolar as I get very manic thoughts, I act
impulsively, constantly buying things I don’t need getting obsessed with
things is a major thing with me and I come up with weird phases and
schemes. I get really angry quickly and hyper but not manic that’s why the
doctor said I didn’t have it but i don’t know.

Lesley Anne Randall says:

Thanks for putting out this video, and sharing your personal stories. I
have struggled with depression, anxiety, and OCD for a long time. It
started when I was a teenager, and totally overshadowed my twenties.
Although I still struggle, I found my symptoms lessened as I got older. I’m
35 now and able to make progress in my life in a way I couldn’t in the
past. I guess for anyone younger, I’m here to say it can get better. It’s
not easy and you can’t cure disordered thoughts, you just have to figure
out how to manage them. But you can come to a place where that effort is
less exhausting. I wish more people would talk about this, because there
are more people around that know what you’re going through than you’d
think. Love you both! <3

Youtubelover says:

I sometimes feel like psicologist and psiquiatrist throw diagnoses around
just to make a person pay for a treatment.. In all of the respect, form
what sam has said, she has achieved her carreer goals perfectly fine, she
is a well put together lady.. I honestly find it hard to believe she sufers
from something more that anxiety.
Am I naive for thinking that about the so called professionals? Or just too
much of a non trusting person?

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