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Mental Strength: Mentally Strong Through Personal Growth: An Action Oriented Guide to Identify Opportunities for Growth, Improve Mental Fortitude and Take Positive Charge in Your Life



Are you ready to get mentally tough fast? Do you want to be the champion of your own life? This books teaches you how to immediately start building your mental strength

The number one cause of failure is quitting. We all face difficulties in life and sometimes those difficulties seem too much to bear. They aren’t. There is not a single obstacle, hurdle, or setback that you don’t have the ability to surpass and conquer. All it takes is a little training and some work. We’ll cover the training, you cover the work, and together we will transform you into the most resilient, focused, and mentally strong version of you possible!

This book teaches you, in a step by step and concise manner, how to squarely face every obstacle head on and emerge triumphant. The steps are action oriented and simple to follow. This makes sticking with the program and reaping the rewards easy for anyone to do. By the end of this book you will be the master of your own thoughts and ready for all of life’s challenges!

The Action Oriented 12 Steps:

Train Your WillpowerValues: What Matters to Your Authentic Self?Passion: What Lights Your Fire?Focus: Choose Your Path and Stay On ItThe Tough March to Success: Motivation, Habit and ConsistencyMental Resistance: How to Overcome the Enemy in Your MindReprogramming Your Operating System: Mastering Your ThoughtsGetting Comfortable With Discomfort and FearGrit: Staying Strong When the Going Gets ToughWithstanding TemptationHarness Your Anger EnergyOther People: Recruit Allies and Disarm Saboteurs

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Jade N. says:

Be Inspired! This is perfect guide that contains step by step program to walk along road of success to increase level of mental strength. I learned how to train will power muscle. It is a will power from which person decides and initiate action. We must have strong willpower so that we can cross hurdles and will be able to make decisions in tough situation. I learned about core values that help me to take right decision at every path of my life. Always focus on one goal and move towards it. After achieving…

Anonymous says:

This is an amazing self-help guide, which guides us to identify opportunities, improve mental strength, and take positive charge in our life.I love the way author has written this book. He has given many examples to train our will power/improve mental strength. Also, author discusses action points and strategies to achieve goals in our life.I learnt many things from this book. Major takeaways are ““choose your path and stay on it”, “focus on one goal,…

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