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**MOST FUN** Silicone Stretch Fitness Exercise Resistance Band Yoga Strap – Relax Therapy -Stress Relief home office travel – Made by UBend – Must Have!


BluPond® – Designed On Earth.

About UBend

UBend is your little helper to relieve stress, exercise your muscles and brain, and get your children occupied. It is very small and can fit in your pocket. UBend is manufactured using Environment Friendly Premium Quality Silicone. Feel stress in your office? Simply grab UBend, it will get your focus back, calm your mind and increase brain productivity.

For exercise

Use UBend to increase your fitness abilities with ease. For exercise purposes UBend is used as regular resistance bands. Resistance bands are a great addition to any strength training routine or rehabilitation program. This portable exercise equipment is also easily stored, making it perfect for home use, hotel workouts, or when you’re tight on space at the gym. Easy to carry or take on trips.

For stress removal purposes

When become anxious, take UBend, you can touch it, feel it, and see it. UBend pulls the mind out of anxiety into the sensation of the object and that induces calm. Simply put UBend in the palm of your hand. Rub your thumb across the surface over and over again, the sensation in your fingers will bring pleasurable feeling. Let your imagination create various ways to play with it: tangle, twist, turn, swing. Let all your stress go away!

To occupy children

Just give Ubend to your little one and they will figure out how to get busy with it without any guidance from adults. Don’t worry, UBend is absolutely safe, very soft and cannot be swollen or cause any kind of harm. UBend is so fun that your kids will not be willing to give it back to you.

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Product Features

  • EXERCISE your muscles anywhere: home, office, travel. Quick Start Guide INCLUDED
  • FUN AND EASY way to relieve stress and reduce anxiety. Difficult to put it down.
  • TEXTURED HANDLES for added control. Comfortable and Easy to grip and won’t slip out of your hands.
  • ELASTIC, FLEXIBLE, can be bent in any way possible
  • PERFECT FOR EVERYONE – Ideal for office workers, athletes, yoga and fitness enthusiasts, kids, and senior citizen. UBend helps to reduce anxiety and let your family, friends or colleagues get control over stress, boost brain productivity, and improve muscles strength. Check our EXCLUSIVE LIMITED TIME OFFER.


DM73 says:

UBend Is Great For Toning And You Can Take It Anywhere! I’ve been in the market for something portable that I can use to help tone up my bat wings. Where did those things come from anyway?? LOL I was fortunate to run across the UBend Stress Relief at a great price, and I decided it might be just what I needed. As soon as I took this out of the package, my first thought was “you’ve got to be kidding me.” I started looking on the package and in the envelope it arrived in for instructions or sample exercises, but I didn’t locate any. I’m…

K Stout says:

This has been fun for my entire family! When I saw this online, I really had to try it. This had to be one of the most unique workout pieces of equipment I have seen and I could not figure out how this toy looking item could really help me. Wow, we have had such fun with it!The UBend is a really unique idea for a resistance band. I have several other resistance bands and I think this is my favorite! I was afraid when I ordered that it would be so long that with my short arms…

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