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My Gym Trainer 2 – Intermediate level, by My Trainer Fitness: 24 complete gym workouts with weight circuit exercises for strength training and cardio.


MY GYM TRAINER FITNESS MANUALS each contain 24 removable exercise cards of COMPLETE WORKOUTS FOR THE GYM, PLUS TIPS, INFORMATION & LOGS. Use these 24 workouts for 1-2 months of EXERCISE VARIETY before beginning the cycle over. Each fitness card is ~50 cardio, 50% resistance training. Do one card per day for one month of exercise variety before beginning the cycle over, OR, one card over two days, with cardio one day and weight training the next for TWO MONTHS VARIETY before starting the cycle over for MANY MONTHS and YEARS of POWERFUL FITNESS and EFFECTIVE GYM WORKOUTS. This is our recommended approach because it provides you shorter, more intense workouts for HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT). SHORTER WORKOUTS enable you to pour more intensity into each workout for better results in less time. MY GYM TRAINER IS YOUR PERSONAL TRAINER TO GO WITH EFFECTIVE EXERCISES INTEGRATED IN SYSTEMATIC WORKOUT ROUTINES, Designed to be complete and easy to understand for anyone who wants to generate greater results in the gym: lose body fat, feel energized, tone muscle and keep workouts interesting and effective. THE MY GYM TRAINER SERIES OF TRAINING MANUALS: 1-Beginner, 2-Intermediate and 3-Advanced, offers a systematic approach for results, while eliminating the guesswork. After a month or two you start the cycle over, adjusting intensity and challenge as needed to suit your progress. In addition, MY GYM TRAINER WORKOUT MANUALS ARE VERY USEFUL FOR BUSY PERSONAL TRAINERS as a handy, at-your-fingertips integrated workout program they can incorporate into their client sessions, or give to clients to use in between private training sessions for added value to clients. Now, you can afford the luxury and fantastic results of a personal trainer with My Gym Trainer, YOUR PERSONAL-TRAINER-TO-GO for WEEKS and MONTHS of POWERFUL WORKOUTS worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the cost.

Product Features

  • SUMMER BODY BLOWOUT FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS!!! BUY 2, GET 1 FREE (offer only available for purchases from Amazon seller, My Trainer Fitness): Buy with My Gym Trainer 1-Beginner, and get My Gym Trainer 3-Advanced for FREE, or, buy any two My Gym Trainers and get one free. Place 3 My Gym Trainers in your cart and Amazon will automatically deduct the amount of one complete My Gym Trainer, so you buy two and get one free). See Special Offers & Product Promotions below for more info.
  • Removable, sturdy, waterproof, laminated exercise and fitness cards with 24 complete workout cards featuring cardio on one side, strength & resistance training on the other. Each of 24 workout card includes two full weight training circuits on each card and rotates through lower body exercises, upper body exercises and core exercises for an integrated workout system.
  • 4-8 weeks of workouts before beginning the cycle over for 3-6 workouts per week. Each My Gym Trainer manual can last you months and even years with enough variety and options to keep your exercise workouts interesting.
  • 24 comprehensively integrated workouts for the whole body, featuring systematic high intensity interval training, HIIT, strength and resistance training using weights: dumbbells, barbells, gym machines and equipment and body weight, plus cardio using treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and stationery bikes, plus plyometrics
  • MY GYM TRAINER 2 WORKOUTS ARE FOR FIT EXERCISERS READY TO TAKE THEIR GYM WORKOUTS TO THE NEXT LEVEL, AND FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO: * Get the most out of their gym membership. * Make their gym work for them. * improve their physical appearance, conditioning and health. * improve their emotional and mental well-being. * feel better about themselves and their life. * breakthrough to a new level of fitness. * be athletically fit. * lose fat and gain lean muscle definition. Also, for anyone who can’t afford a personal trainer six days a week but would like the benefits.


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