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My Gym Trainer 3 – Advanced level, by My Trainer Fitness: 24 complete gym workouts with weight circuit exercises for strength training and cardio.


My Gym Trainer books each contain 24 Removable Workout Cards to take with you to the gym. Workouts average about an hour each, for a 4-8 week workout cycle with each workout about 50% cardio and 50% resistance training. Every workout has been designed by a certified personal trainer to be complete and easy to understand and is for anyone who wants to generate greater results in the gym: lose body fat, feel energized, tone muscle and keep workouts interesting and effective. My Gym Trainer 3, Advanced is for the fit exerciser looking for a change or the athlete looking for a gym routine to complement and enhance their training and who: *Wants to hit the gym hard and get great results. *Wants to increase muscle definition for a stronger more defined body. *Wants to challenge their cardio fitness on multiple machines. *Wants a new fitness challenge; maybe even prepare for a fitness show. *Has reached a plateau and is ready for a new challenge. *Cannot afford a personal trainer but would like the benefits. *Utilizes a personal trainer and wants additional professional workouts. In addition, My Gym Trainer is very useful for busy trainers as a handy, at-your- fingertips integrated workout program they can incorporate into their client programs, or their own! We have personal trainers who don’t want to have to come up with their own workouts after doing that for clients all day, and they find MGT3 a great kick-bootie workout they can do without having to plan it out for themselves. Massage therapists need to get massaged, and doctors need to go to doctors, so similarly, personal trainers sometimes just want their own trainer too. If that’s you, try My Gym Trainer 3 – Advanced. Now, you can afford the luxury and fantastic results of a personal trainer with My Gym Trainer, your trainer-to-go. With each My Gym Trainer 3-ring binder, you get 4-8 weeks of professional workouts worth hundreds of dollars for a fraction of the cost.

Product Features

  • SUMMER BODY BLOWOUT FOR ADDITIONAL SAVINGS!!! BUY 2, GET 1 FREE (offer only available from Amazon seller, My Trainer Fitness: : Buy with My Gym Trainer 1-Beginner and get My Gym Trainer 2-Intermediate, for FREE, (or, buy any two My Gym Trainers and get one free. See Special Offers & Product Promotions below for more info).
  • Removable, sturdy, waterproof, laminated workout cards with Cardio on one side, strength & resistance training on the other.
  • 4-8 weeks of workouts before beginning the cycle over for 3-6 workouts per week. Each My Gym Trainer manual can last you months and even years with enough variety and options to keep your exercise workouts interesting.
  • 24 comprehensively integrated workouts for the whole body, featuring systematic high intensity interval training, HIIT, strength and resistance training using weights: dumbbells, barbells, gym machines and equipment and body weight, plus cardio using treadmills, elliptical machines, recumbent and stationery bikes, plus plyometrics
  • BONUS: Includes Tips, Information and Journal Cards. My Gym Trainer 3 – Advanced is for the fit exerciser who is familiar with the gym and ready to rev it up and take it to the next level. Each resistance circuit rotates through specific areas of the body in an effective systematic fashion.


Anonymous says:

LOVE the My Gym Trainer series! I ordered it after seeing a sample of the workouts in a magazine this summer, and would recommend to anyone who is just starting out in the gym, who is already a fitness finatic, or somewhere in between. Whether you are looking for the education and experience of a trainer, variety in your workout, more of a challenge, or just for someone else to plan your workout, My Gym Trainer does not disappoint. You will find all these things for a fraction of the cost of a…

Anonymous says:

As an amateur Figure competitor and all-around fitness freak, I am always looking for challenging workouts that keep me motivated, interested and coming back for more. The My Gym Trainer series does just that. I love that I can pick a workout from My Gym Trainer 3, pop it out of the binder and take it with me to the gym. And no worries if my torrential downpours of sweat (yes, the cardio workouts are THAT good) get on the card, as it is sweatproof!!! Also, just like a lot of people, I don’t…

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