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Natural Remedies for Thyroid Health In today’s video I’m going to share with you my natural remedies for thyroid health. There are more people than ever before that are struggling with conditions like hypothyro…


Empowering Medicine ✪ Herbalist says:

Thanks Dr Josh, great video, great advice, thanks

Dr. Josh Axe says:
ladev91 says:

How are you going to talk about thyroid health without bringing up iodine?

trisha carter says:

where can I buy this stuff? and also which brand is the best? im confused!
also on your website for 5 natural hypothyroidism remedies you have FISH
OIL,IODINE,TYROSINE. So do I take the ones on your website or the ones
listed above?!

Dragon Wolf says:

thank you so much you help me out so much ive been looking for Natural
Remedies for Thyroid ive herd my friend went to the doctor for her thyroid
and i guess they gave her wrong meds that put her health at risk im nervous
even going to the doctor for my thyroid after hearing that so im so
thankful for this video

Deborah Carder says:

Dr. Axe, been recently following your wise suggestions. Speaking of
Hashimotos, autoimmune disease, and leaky gut which I suspect as tie-ins
could you PLEASE look into Cholinergic Urticaria, heat and cold and
exercise induced anaphylactic hives/angioedema? Some of us are beside
ourselves with figuring out what is truly going on. Unable to sweat is an
association. Thank you!!

Superman says:

Dr. of functional medicine? Hahaha, bro, you’re a chiropractor. Still love
you, though! Most people don’t spend the time that people like us do on
this subject. I play Dr. with many of my friends. Utilizing our resources,
with simple patience, research skills and lots of time, anyone can become
their own personal health expert. Sadly, there’s problems, especially
autoimmune disorders, that people will never heal from, because it takes
far too much of a lifestyle change for them, and they’re only willing to
put in a fraction of what’s needed in order to recover.

Thanks for all the research, Dr. Axe.

Tatjana K says:

I wish you could speak german. Great videos!

Bali YogaTravel says:

Greet info! Thank you!

nancy marques says:

Thanks for the video, I do have Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and do already do
some of the things you mentioned they have been so helpful to me and I am
feeling better thanks again for such a great video I’m so glad I’m
subscribed to your channel!

trisha carter says:

are all 5 of these things in one supplement? What is it called? Where can I
find it?

Bilal Khairi says:

Thanks Doc, I like how you simplify these info to all categories of people.

KathleenRose says:

Will look into all of this…thank you so much handsome and kind man =)
love your videos

Brayden Masse says:

How much Holy basil do we use?

17ch says:

Dr. Axe, is ashwagandha ok to use if you have high levels of dht (women)? I
read that it boosts testosterone. Good/bad?

Jo T says:

Ok bit disappointing, I was hoping for some normal basic foods/supplements.
Half of those I’ve never heard of, apart from the Probiotics, and selenium
from Brasil nuts, none have helped…

sushila gurung says:

doc, i hv got hypothyroidism and taking thyroid hormone pills every day..
can i take ashwagandha along with my pills.. will it react with my
medication?? or do i need to stop ta sythetic hormone pills first and then
switch to ashwagandha?? hope u ll help

ahmed shareef says:

very use full thanx

Mousumi Dutta says:

I have Ashwagandha root. How do i consume it? In a tea? I have a really bad
thyroid issue. I have lost so much weight and hair and am only 30. i am so
scared. Please help. Thx.

Skinny Mommy Fitness says:

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