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Nero Ball – Dog Ball on a Rope – Dog Training Exercise and Reward Toy – Police K-9 – SAR – Schutzhund IPO – Dog Chew Toy (2.75″)


New and improved design for greater durability and strength! Improved rubber formula will hold up to the daily rigors of Police, Military, Sport and other Working Dog use. 100% Natural Rubber ball with a strong nylon rope and a non slip loop that is great for dogs that have issues outing the ball. The nylon rope prevents the ball from continuously rolling away on hard surfaces and allows to be flung further when throwing it. ** This ball is intended to be a training tool. If being used as a chew toy, remove rope. ***

Product Features

  • Favored by Police K-9 and Military Working Dog Teams
  • 100% Natural Rubber Ball with Strong Nylon Rope
  • Better Than A Regular Ball – Rope Allows You To Throw Further
  • Strong Loop and Knot That Wont Slip
  • New And Improved Design For Greater Durability and Strength


Mina says:

I definitely recommend and would not hesitate to order again 0

Jonathan Santana says:

Finally found my dogs favorite toy 0

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