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New Exercise for Sexy, Aesthetic, Round Delts | Gabriel Sey

Here is a shoulder exercise I learnt from my boy Evrol Copeland who is demonstrating it. To help give a Sexy Full Looking Deltoid ;-P. Make sure you give him a follow on instagram: @evrol_copelan…


Gabriel Sey says:

Here’s a new exercise I learnt from one of my Training Partners which is
awesome for Rounding off dem DELTS!! :-)

Jay Ali says:

Already do these it’s real good

Marc Iacobucci says:

Awesome, I am going to try it. Thanks for sharing man

aydun abtulov says:

new exercise? modification side lateral…..

DJ Sherwood says:

Added to tomorrows delt kill list! Thanks brah and awesome physique

Mxllaveli says:


SkellyChippy says:

Ima definitely give this a go in my next shoulder workout, cheers :)

Tom Chadband says:

Much appreciated mate!

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