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NSD Power Essential Spinner Gyroscopic Wrist and Forearm Exerciser


Our NSD Power Essential Spinners are the most affordable gyroscopic hand, wrist, and forearm exercisers we have. The Essential Spinner is a great way to get started with your hand, wrist, and forearm training. The small form factor means you can take it with you just about ANYWHERE. It provides up to 26.8 lb-in of torque at 10,000 RPM. Take a look at our video above for tips and tricks to exercise with your Spinner.

Product Features

  • Patented Design; Compatible With Nsd Digital Speedometer Sm-01 and Sm-02 (battery-free version)
  • Computer balanced inner gyroscopic rotor for VIBRATION FREE operation at up to 15,000 RPM
  • Worry-free to drop; Impact Resistant structure with Military-grade plastic shell that comes in an attractive color: Amber
  • Reversible inner tracks make 2X Lifespan
  • Simple to start with a pull-string (included), see video for tips and tricks


Alyssa says:

Decent, but not long-lasting My job involves a lot of keyboard use, resulting in occasional wrist pain, so I’ve been looking at various wrist exercisers to try to help. A gyroscopic wrist exerciser sounded more fun than some of the other tools out there, but I had never used one before, and couldn’t quite justify a $50 purchase of something that might or might not work, so I purchased this (relatively) cheap one.It worked well enough, and helped my wrists, even though I only remembered to use it once or twice a week…

zKi Comp says:

Obviously entry level, but VERY effective! I was able to pick up this NSD Powerball for $17 here on Amazon and what a steal!It probably took me about twenty minutes to get the motion down and, to be honest, I thought I got a broken one for the first ten because I couldn’t get it to do anything. The best advice I can give is not to fight the motion you feel in the gyro. It’s not about just spinning your hand around as fast or as hard as you can, it’s about matching and then revving up the cadence of the gyro. It’s…

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