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Hi! I'm 16 yrs old, 5'2 and weigh about 182lbs. I've started my weightloss journey and according to that page you recommended that counts how much calories you should be eating to lose weight, I should be eating 1200-1500 kcal a day. The thing is I feel kind of worried when I eat 1200 kcal. I really don't want to get into starvation mode (I've struggled with ED's) and ruin all of my progress. I mostly don't feel hungry throughout the day but I just need to be sure!

Hey there! If you’ve struggled with ED’s, don’t concern yourself with calorie counting and follow your doctor’s advice.

The average woman needs about 2000 calories per day just to maintain her current weight. Since you’re 16 and you haven’t finished growing yet, severely restricting your calories can negatively impact your body.

“Progress” means nothing if you’re not feeding yourself enough foods.

If you’re concerned about your weight for health reasons, talk to your doctor about what steps you can take! Eating healthy and exercising trump counting calories, trust me on this one.

And note that calorie counters are not accurate if you’re under 18. Because if you’re under 18, your body needs a different amount of calories to grow. Calories are units of energy, and you need energy to function!

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Optimal Multivitamin Chewable With L-5-MTHF | Provides Extra Amounts Of Antioxidants And B Vitamins | 60 Tablets | Seeking Health


These chewable multi-vitamin and mineral wafers are formulated with the finicky palates of children in mind. Kids who taste-tested this product gave their unanimous approval. Adults who have a hard time swallowing regular pills liked them equally well. Daily supplementation of essential micronutrients as found in Optimal Multivitamin Chewable can help children and adults obtain proper nutrition as part of a well-balanced nutritional program. This comprehensive multi-nutrient blend contains vitamins, minerals, and trace elements important for the nervous system, immune function, and normal growth and development.

Optimal Multivitamin Chewable can help meet the daily nutrient needs of children or adults by providing :

A balanced mix of 26 important nutrients in well-tolerated, easy-to-absorb forms.

Higher potencies for certain nutrients than typically found in most other chewable multivitamins.

The full family of naturally-occurring vitamin A-related carotene nutrients and vitamin E fractions for more complete nutritional benefit.

A broad assortment of minerals and trace elements in forms such as amino acid chelates and citrates that are easily and comfortably digested.

Two tablets daily provides three times the RDA levels of vitamin C and E antioxidants, and twice the RDA for most B-vitamins. Added minerals in easy-to-absorb forms round out the formula.This product is free of the following common allergens: milk/casein, eggs, fish, tree nuts, peanuts, wheat/gluten, yeast, and soybeans. Contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Only all-natural flavors and sweeteners are used.

Product Features

  • These chewable multivitamin and mineral wafers are formulated to provide extra amounts of important antioxidants and B vitamins compared to most regular chewable vitamins.
  • Two tablets daily provide three times the RDA levels of vitamin C and E antioxidants, and twice the RDA for most B-vitamins.
  • Added minerals in easy-to-absorb forms enhance the formula.
  • This new, improved formula now contains Metafolin®** L-5-MTHF.