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Latex Fitness Strength Resistance Bands Loop Crossfit Yoga Exercise Training US


Features: 100% Brand new and high quality! The closed-loop design of this flat band fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs,so you can exercise the muscles of the hips and legs as well as wrists and arms Will help to increase muscle tone and stren

Product Features

  • Features: 100% Brand new and high quality! The closed-loop design of this flat band fits comfortably around the upper or lower legs,so you can exercise the muscles of the hips and legs as well as wrists and arms Will help to increase muscle tone and stren

Weight Training for Cyclists: A Total Body Program for Power and Endurance


Since the publication of the first edition of the only cycling-specific weight training book on the market, time spent in the gym has become a standard part of every cyclist’s training schedule. This new edition, with updated material on core strength and nutrition, brings together the most current research on strength building and the most recent and effective equipment innovations. Authors Ken Doyle and Eric Schmitz explain clearly how strength training in the weight room translates to endurance and power on the road. How should an athlete fit weight training into an already demanding cycling program? How does the approach to lifting change from the beginning of the season to the end? Which exercises are best on what days? How many repetitions are needed? Doyle and Schmitz address all these questions and more in easily grasped, lucid language. More than 60 exercises are illustrated and described in detail, and ten sample programs guide riders through their season.

Product Features

  • ISBN13: 9781934030295
  • Condition: New
  • Notes: BRAND NEW FROM PUBLISHER! 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Tracking provided on most orders. Buy with Confidence! Millions of books sold!

Doctor’s Best High Absorption CoQ10 with BioPerine, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Naturally Fermented, Vegan, Soy Free, Heart Health and Energy Production, 200 mg, 180 Veggie Caps


Coenzyme q10 is a vitamin-like nutrient central to energy production at the cellular level, essential for generating metabolic energy in the form of atp. Coq10 is also a versatile antioxidant, stabilizing cell membranes (helping to protect them from free radical damage) and contributing to their fluidity. Coenzyme q10 levels decrease with age, a factor that may actually contribute to the aging process.3since food content of coq10 can be very low, many healthcare providers recommend supplementing with coenzyme q10. Enhances cardiovascular health supports endothelial function due to the extraordinary energy requirements of our hardworking heart, the highest concentration of coq10 is found in heart muscle tissue. Coenzyme q10 is known to support the heart through mitochondrial bioenergetics, the process of cellular energy transformation.

Product Features

  • High absorption coq10 contains pure, vegetarian coenzyme q10 plus bioperine
  • Coq10 is a nutrient that supports heart function and promotes energy production in cells
  • Bioperine, an standardized herbal extract derived from black pepper fruit, promotes absorption of nutrients in the gi tract. Preliminary studies have shown that bioperine increases coq10 absorption

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy, 1 Pound, Soft, Yellow


For over 50 years, Sammons Preston has been the premier brand in aids to daily living and home care devices. Sammons Preston products are adaptive living aids that help people cope with their environment. Whether you are a Therapist or patient, someone with special needs, or just have a need to make life easier and more accessible, Sammons Preston products can help you. Occupational Therapists, physical Therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on Sammons Preston adaptive utensils, adaptive plates and silverware, nosey cups, reachers and grabbers, grab bars, sock pullers, shoe horns, dressing sticks, hip kits, leg lifters, back scrubbers, gait belts, wheelchair belts, trays, and wheelchair accessories. These are the same high quality professional products used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Product Features

  • Pliable therapy putty comes in easily-identifiable color coded progression system, soft yellow putty is the second-easiest resistance level and provides a greater challenge than tan therapy putty
  • Hassle-free, robust putty doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness on the skin, maintains consistency, and conforms to your hand when squeezed, stretched, twisted, or pinched
  • Large one pound containers provide plenty of putty for countless exercises or putty replacements, great for in professional clinics, hospitals, and physical therapy centers
  • Soft clay-like putty can be used for hand, finger, feet, and toe muscle strengthening exercises during physical therapy for arthritis, pre-surgery, and post-surgery recovery
  • Bleed proof, non-toxic, clean, and non-oily, safe for use in clinics and rehabilitation centers

Superfreak (127 BPM)


Planters Men’s Health Recommended Nutrition Mix Can, 10.25 Ounce


Product Features

  • Men’s health

Hand Grip Strengthener(22-88lbs) & Finger Exerciser(3-9 lbs) (Pack 2), Finger Flexibility and Hand Grip Strength training for Guitar Practice, Physical Therapy & stress relief- Non-slip!


Why choose the finger and hand trainer?
-Quickly increase hand wrist finger forearm strength with the best hand exerciser.
-Ergonomically designed make it perfect for men and women, seniors and teens;
-Typically they are small equipment so you can use them when and wherever you want.
-We can choose from various resistance level, There are ones for beginners as well as for advanced users.
-Built with the best quality materials and Non-slip soft and durable rubber to endure long-term and frequent use.
They train your fingers, hand grip and forearm effectively. They lead to better workouts, and you can avoid several injuries.

What kind of people the finger and hand trainer fit?
Ideal for rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, surfers, tennis players, drummers, guitarists, pianists, massage therapists, baseball players and violin players. Also beneficial for people who have arthritis, tennis elbow, rheumatoid arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Package Included
1Hand Grip Strengtheners resistance 22-88 lbs
1finger exerciser resistance 3-9lbs

Product Features

  • EFFECTIVE COLLOCATION PACKAGE: The hand grip strengthener with Adjustable resistance 22-88 lbs is perfect for you to gain grip strength. At the same time, the finger strengthener with 5 buttons adjustable separately is great for you to gain the finger stability and flexibility. In combination, they become more effective than using them separately
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: the Hand grip is built with stainless steel enhanced spring, and the Finger exerciser uses quality copper core. Both of them have Non-slip handles covered with supreme soft and durable rubber, making they are of good quality
  • UNBEATABLE VERSATILITY: our products can help to maintain finger flexibility, improve grip strength, rebuild physical therapy, relieve arthritis, it’s perfect for athletes, musicians, rock climbers and tennis players. It can also be used as stress relievers or just an entertainment.
  • EASILY TRANSPORTABLE:Those strengtheners both can be easy to carried. Get in some hand strengthening, finger dexterity & finger grip training while while watching TV ,sitting in rush hour traffic , or sitting at your desk at work.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.:We’re so confident that you’ll love both of them in the package that we’re happy to sell it with this guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied, contact us for a replacement or refund

Superfreak (127 BPM)


Superfreak (127 BPM)


Ultimate Heavy Duty Workout Sandbags for Training, Exercise & CrossFit Workouts.Build Explosive Results With An Extreme Sandbag Workout. Sandbag Training Builds Strength And Muscle For Fast Results.


Buy Today With Confidence Knowing That Our Sandbag Weight Trainer Comes With A Lifetime Guarantee and Money Back Guarantee!

We Offer An Iron-Clad 3 Tier 100% Money Back Guarantee:

1. If your not 100% happy with it, ship it back and we will refund your money.
2. If you don’t love it, ship it back and we will refund your money.
3. If the product breaks or is damaged, ship it back and we will replace it for FREE.

Here is the bottom line….there is absolutely no risk for you to purchase our Monofin Mermaid Tail

Buy Now with confidence knowing that 1000’s of others have been completely satisfied with their results because of our 100% money back 3 tier customer satisfaction guarantee.

***Bonus*** All orders come with a PDF instructional guide and 90% off coupon for your next Amazon order.

Product Features

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Sandbag training is hardcore, and so is our guarantee. We stand behind our products 100%. If your sandbag weights break, we’ll replace them–no questions asked.
  • QUALITY: Faulty equipment won’t come between you and your workout. Complete your ultimate sandbag training with our heavy duty leak-proof stitching.
  • VERSATILE: Whether you’re training for a marathon or want to beat your deadlift record, use these sandbags for your workout. They’re versatile enough to train for all of your fitness goals.
  • BUILD STRENGTH: These weighted sandbags are perfect for building muscle. Include weight-training with sandbags into your regular fitness regimen to see real results–fast.
  • COMFORTABLE TO USE: Our sandbags are designed for ease of use. The heavy duty stitching ensures the longevity of your sandbag, as well as optimal comfort during your daily workouts.