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One-Rep Max’s Gym – Gray- Men’s Triblend T-shirt


Max believes in heavy. He’s been pushing athletes to go heavy since opening his tiny gym way back in the day. Max has always believed there’s no substitute for strength training. He’s old school that way. Deadlifts. Squats. Clean and jerk. Snatch. He keeps it simple and HEAVY. And logs all his athletes’ one-rep max’s in dusty chalk on the wall. That’s how he builds champions. Find your one-rep max in this comfy triblend t-shirt that’s ready to get heavy.

Product Features

  • Short sleeve
  • Premium fit. Athletic cut.
  • Triblend fabric. Ultra-soft, plenty of stretch, great moisture release
  • 50% poly, 25% cotton, 25% rayon
  • Hit your next lifting PR in ultimate comfort. Crush your next crossfit WOD.

Onnit Battle Rope (2.5″) | All-In-One Core, Endurance, and Strength Training (40′)


Battle Rope training is a staple in Unconventional Gyms across the country, and there’s a good reason why: they’re one of the most functional pieces of equipment for high intensity training and hardcore conditioning.

Our Battle Ropes are a super strong polypropylene length of rope, ranging from 1.5″ to 2.5″ in diameter, measuring 40 to 50 feet in length.

While usually used for undulating wave exercises, they are also useful for pulling, agility, and partner drills. Battle Rope training requires non-stop, full body movements that engage your arms and core like few other implements can.

Combining the unique undulating movements of Battle Rope Waves with High Intensity Interval Training yields rapid increases in endurance. In addition, by combining your wave drills with lower body exercises like squats, jumps, lunges, pivots, walks, and shuffles, you can hit your legs just as much as your arms.

With battle ropes, explosive power, rotational conditioning, grip strength, core stability, and extreme endurance can all be achieved. While many people limit there Battle Rope workouts to a few wave drills, there are actually a variety of uses you probably have never tried, here are a few:

Pulling drills like squat walks, pole drills, and weight drags will rapidly increase your grip and core strength. Hanging rope drills like l-sit climbs, plank walks, and double rope climbs will help you dominate your next obstacle course race.

Partner drills are a fun way to workout with friends or rivals to distract yourself from how hard you’re really working. You can even use them for agility sets in between wave drills to improve coordination and foot work.

Product Features

  • Maximize aerobic training while minimizing joint strain
  • Excellent tool for developing punching power, core strength, and shoulder conditioning
  • Huge variety of pulling, agility, and partner drills available with just a single rope
  • Weights: 50′ Battle Rope is 34.5lbs, 40′ is 28.5lbs.
  • Built to last with super strong polypropylene material

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Train Big, Eat Big, Get Big – 13 Nutrition Rules You MUST Obey to Boost Muscle Growth


Are you spending hours in the weight room, but not seeing the results you’re looking for?

Learn the real science behind the methods that work to build muscle fast — and how to use it to your advantage.
Behind the cover of Bodybuilding Nutrition by Kevin P. Hunter, you’ll find:
How to build muscle and cut fat – the healthy wayWhat to eat while getting ready to destroy bodybuilding competitionsA 4-week meal plan that will turn your body into a muscle-building factoryThe nutrients you need to make massive gains and make your gym buddies jealousImportant calculations that make sure you’re getting your body the fuel it needsPacked with real science, not the promotional fluff you’ll find elsewhere.

The 13 Golden Rules of Bodybuilding Nutrition

Bodybuilding Nutrition is based on Kevin’s 13 Golden Rules for boosting muscle growth. He lets you in on the muscle-making secrets that old pros and promotional hacks don’t want you to know:
Why hormones are vital to building muscle – and how to get the ones you needHow your body responds to demand and nutrition to make you bigger and more powerfulHow to get the good carbohydrates you need to fuel your training and build healthy massWhy protein is essential to packing on pounds of muscleWhen – and what – you should eat to maximize gains and minimize recovery timeThe downlow on nutritional supplements with none of the promotional crap running rampant through the fitness industry

Simple, No-Fluff, Science-Backed Bodybuilding

Promotional gurus and pushy personal trainers just want you to buy what they’re selling. Hard facts are hard to come by. When you find some good ones, you need to hold on to them and devour every morsel of insight they have to offer.

Bodybuilding Nutrition is a shining example. You won’t find any salesy mumbo-jumbo here — just the science-backed facts you need to start setting new PR’s every time you step foot in the gym.

4-Week Meal Planner and Recipes

As if the time-honored secrets behind building muscle weren’t enough, Kevin includes a 4-week meal plan to get you going – complete with recipes and all. The most intense workout sessions will get you nowhere without the proper nutrition to match. Every recipe in this book was carefully selected to ensure you get all the vitamins nutrients you need to make the most out of your weight training.

Start Your New Life Today

Quit wasting time on your training routine. Without proper nutrition, you’ll never get anywhere worth going. If you’ve put long, painful hours into your weight training and aren’t seeing the progress you’re looking for, then click the “Add to Cart” button now and learn the secrets that will bring in the gains like you never thought possible.

WEIGHT LOSS with STRENGTH TRAINING. How to Lose Fat and Build Muscle with Strength Training, Flexible Dieting and Goal Setting. Includes Strength Training … Gain, Strength Training, Bodybuilding)


Looking For a Permanent Weight Loss Solution?

For a limited time get the ultimate solution to weight loss for just $0.99. Regularly priced at $4.99.
Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

Did you know that over 95% of diets fail in the long term? It’s not because people are not able to lose weight; its because people can’t keep the weight off after losing. Most people gain back all the weight they lost and many even gain more weight than before.

If this is you, this is the ulimate guide to lose weight and keep it off after losing it. This is not a lose weight fast program. You will have to put in the work to see the long term results. You will learn the basics of strength training, build muscle, strength and weight loss. You will also learn how to set up your own diet. Finally, effective Goal setting will help you reach your goals even faster.

I’ve personally lost over 125 lbs. (Before and After Photos in the book). I’ve also helped several others do the same through my Website and YouTube channel. You can find me at

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

What is Strenght Training? Why Strength Training is ImportantWeight Loss vs. Fat LossHow to Eat the Foods You Like While Losing WeightFlexible Dieting & IIFYMBest Cardio for Weight LossGoal Setting with SMART GoalsMost Effective Supplemet for Weight LossMuch, much
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Natural Strontium Citrate Supplement – Strontium Boost (60 Capsules) – All-Natural Ingredients and Scientifically Proven To Support Bone Density Improvement – Easy To Swallow Veggie Capsules


Join Thousands of Women Who Have Bounced Back from Bone Loss by Building Strong Healthy Bones — Without Side Effects — Thanks to Strontium Boost

Strontium BoostTM is a strontium citrate supplement that is clinically proven to increase mineral density when taken with AlgaeCal Plus®. This formula was included in the AlgaeCal Bone Health Program because recent exciting French studies have shown Strontium to be very effective in enhancing bone growth.

If you are actively trying to increase bone mineral density because you have bone loss then it is recommended to take both AlgaeCal Plus® and Strontium BoostTM.

The strontium citrate in our product is natural strontium which is an element mined from the earth and quite similar chemically to calcium. It is completely safe and non-toxic. This strontium is combined with citric acid which is what is found in citrus fruits like oranges to form strontium citrate. All the ingredients found in Strontium BoostTM are completely natural.

Several studies on various forms of strontium have shown extraordinary results on bone growth, dental cavities and arthritis.

“With medical advice I have taken Strontium Boost with a Calcium Mineral tablet each day -my – I will continue this amazing treatment – thank you AlgaeCal ! “- Terri Walsh New Zealand 06/11/2012

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Product Features

  • Strontium Boost by AlgaeCal is the ONLY Strontium Citrate supplement in the market that has human clinical studies that are published and peer-reviewed by two prominent journals (Pubmed and Nutritional Journal) to prove its safety and efficacy in bone health.
  • If you are actively trying to increase bone mineral density then it is recommended to take both AlgaeCal Plus and Strontium Boost
  • Strontium Boost is a perfect compliment to AlgaeCal Plus. When used together the combination is clinically supported to build stronger, healthier bones.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS. Studies have shown Strontium to be very effective in enhancing bone growth
  • Made and Shipped from the USA. Order yours TODAY!

American Health Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll Chewable Tablets, 600 Count


AH Original Papaya Enzyme with Chlorophyll 100 chewable tablets helps support and maintain daily digestive health. Contains the finest quality of freshly ripened Papaya fruit with papain, amylase and protease enzymes which aid in the digestion of proteins and carbohydrates, while encouraging proper nutrient absorption. This formula offers the ideal choice to help with inefficient digestion. Take this delicious papaya enzyme regularly to promote gastrointestinal wellness while helping to reduce bad taste and sweeten breath.

Product Features

  • The “After Meal” Supplement.
  • 100% Natural Digestive Enzyme Helps With Inefficient Digestion & Contains Chlorophyll to Freshen Breath and Reduce Bad Taste.
  • Promotes Nutrient Absorption & Great Tasting, Vegetarian Formula.

10/20/Life Second Edition: The Professional’s guide to building strength has gotten even bigger and better


10/20/Life – 10 and 20 weeks at a time for a lifetime of positive momentum in life and in training.

Learn to be your own coach, attack your weaknesses and utilize a proven philosophy that is a guide to permanent success.

You asked for it, I listened and took it even further: 10/20/Life Second Edition in soft-back physical copies. If the physical copy isn’t enough for some of you, I re-visited the whole book, and made many, many additions to each chapter & section with the 3 years of implementation from lifters all over the world!

During these 3 years, your feedback, success-stories/testimonials and support – provided me many ways to improve this now much-more complete “Second Edition” of the 10/20/Life philosophy.

Just a few of the sizable additions to this “second edition” physical copy (this book is now over 150 pages vs the original book’s 100):
• New chapter “Deload”
• New chapter “Establishing a baseline”
• New chapter “Speed work”

Other updated features include:
• A reintroduction to the 10/20/Life philosophy and update with AMAZING testimonials – male and female, raw and equipped.
• The 5 main principles of 10/20/Life
• How do you gain a mental edge? Tips to do so
• What 10/20/Life is NOT – putting to rest speculation
• RPE – a different approach
• Nutrition – a closer look with detail
• Coaching cues updated and expanded
• Weak point index updated and expanded
• Combo day updated and modified
• Step-by-step set-up and the pro’s and con’s of a “wide base bench” vs the “traditional tucked” approach
• New offseason training split “Jumbo Day” for those with little to no time to train or those who can’t recover between sessions with a typical split or even the “combo day”
• All new pictures and charts throughout the entire book
• Percentages for pre-contest modified and addressed with suggestions
• Many new exercise and section “break outs” for explanations of movement, an important note, or simply a summary of the section
• FAQ section with 15 of the most commonly asked questions. NOTE: all of these FAQ are also clarified, addressed and explained in this version of book even better now
• Cheat sheet of cues for the squat, bench and dead to quickly refer to
• Charts for you to write in and program your own 10/20/Life training
• Training logs to note your progress with each training day of each cycle

Total Body Strength Training – 30 Minutes


DINOSAUR ARM TRAINING: How to Build Strong, Powerful and Massively Developed Arms with Old-School Training Methods


Back in 1993, I wrote a short course called BIG ARMS, which was edited by Stuart McRobert and published by CS Publishing, Ltd. As originally written, it featured Mike and Mike’s Gym. Stuart thought readers would confuse Mike with Mike Thompson, a very popular writer for his bi-monthly Hardgainer magazine, so he asked me to change the name. After kicking around a dozen or so different names, we settled on Flynn and Flynn’s Gym.

The course was so well received that I wrote a second one called BIG BENCH – also set in Flynn’s Gym – and on occasion, in my Hardgainer articles, I wrote a training article set in Flynn’s Gym. But in my heart, I always knew I was writing about Mike’s Gym – which is about the best darn place in the world to train, and a place that every serious lifter should visit at least once in his or her lifetime.

Three years after writing the BIG ARMS course, I wrote and published DINOSAUR TRAINING: LOST SECRETS OF STRENGTH AND DEVELOPMENT, and the rest, as they say, is history. (That history included the original Dinosaur Files monthly newsletter, which often included training articles set in – you guessed it – a very Dino-style gym called by it’s true name – Mike’s Gym.)

Today, over 20 years after writing that little course, I find myself besieged by readers who ask for an updated, revised, expanded course on serious, no-nonsense arm training for Dinosaurs – and for an update on Mike’s Gym.

One day not very long ago, after receiving yet another email making this request, I decided to clear the decks, chain myself to the keyboard for as long as it took, and hammer the little monster into existence. And that’s how this course came into being.

This brand new course does several things:

1. It teaches sane, sensible, no-nonsense arm training as part of a complete, total body training program.

2. It gives you a complete three-stage routine for building strong, powerful, large and muscular arms.

3. It teaches you to avoid certain popular exercises because they can injure your shoulders or elbows.

4. It gives you an update on arm training methods that Mike and I have developed over the past 20 years.

5. It gives you ALL NEW routines to build DINOSAUR ARMS – meaning arms that are big, thick, strong and powerful.

I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve done on this course, and I’ve enjoyed bringing back Mike, Mike’s Gym and Mike’s world-famous canine companion, the inimitable Sam. Pay close attention to what they say. You’ll learn a lot from them. I certainly have.

Yours in strength,
Brooks Kubik

Sammons Preston Therapy Putty for Physical Therapeutic Hand Exercises, Flexible Putty for Finger and Hand Recovery and Rehabilitation, Strength Training, Occupational Therapy, 3 Ounce, Super Soft, Tan


For over 50 years, Sammons Preston has been the premier brand in aids to daily living and homecare devices. Sammons Preston products are adaptive living aids that help people cope with their environment. Whether you are a therapist or patient, someone with special needs, or just have a need to make life easier and more accessible, Sammons Preston products can help you. Occupational therapists, physical therapists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals rely on Sammons Preston adaptive utensils, adaptive plates and silverware, nosey cups, reaches and grabbers, grab bars, sock pullers, shoe horns, dressing sticks, hip kits, leg lifters, back scrubbers, gait belts, wheelchair belts, trays, and wheelchair accessories. These are the same high quality professional products used in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

Product Features

  • Pliable therapy putty comes in easily-identifiable color coded progression system, super soft tan is easiest and most malleable
  • Hassle-free, robust putty doesn’t leave any residue or stickiness on the skin, maintains consistency, and conforms to your hand when squeezed, stretched, twisted, or pinched
  • Three ounce containers provide enough putty for therapeutic hand exercises for physical therapy, rehabilitation, and hand strength and flexibility
  • Soft clay-like putty can be used for hand, finger, feet, and toe muscle strengthening exercises during physical therapy for arthritis, pre-surgery, and post-surgery recovery
  • Bleed proof, non-toxic, clean, and non-oily, safe for use in clinics and rehabilitation centers