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Body Weight Training: Get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics


This amazing Body Weight Training book is for anyone that wants to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics.

This book will take you step by step from a beginner body weight athlete to an intermediate body weight athlete and eventually to an advanced body weight athlete.

This book will provide you with various workout routines for a 12 week body transformation using calisthenics.

This book will explain the importance of doing body weight exercises as well as why everyone should do them.

This book will also give you tips on nutrition and rest for the purpose of helping you become a better body weight athlete.

So if you want to get Bigger, Faster and Stronger with Calisthenics, this is the book for you!



Here we have Lesson 2 of the famous, “Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding.” After studying and applying the basic ground work with the Preliminary Program described in Lesson 1, we now focus on the importance of Nutrition in Relation to Physical Development.

For those interested in reducing excess fat and gaining muscularity, the importance of an adequate diet, as well as proper exercise, cannot be emphasized enough.

In this Lesson, the description and importance of various food elements such as, vitamins, minerals, water, and cellulose, etc., are explained.

The classification and uses of various common foods are discussed.

The best sources of the various food elements and the comparative nutritional value of important foods are revealed.

In addition, you will also learn the general dietetic rules for the consumption of wholesome food to reap the most nutritional benefit.

A healthy and practical approach to the use of food supplements and their best natural sources is explained.

Here you have the basis for an adequate diet.

How to increase muscular body weight by utilizing a high protein diet.

How to reduce body weight with a low carbohydrate fat reducing diet.

The importance of recovery through proper sleep.

For those who have NOT read the background of, “The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding,” found in the description of Lesson 1, please continue reading.

In the late 1960s, I began contacting any and all notable strongmen and bodybuilders around the world, to help with my training. One such famous physical training expert and authority was David P. Willoughby. I stumbled across a newly published book by him in 1970 called, “The Super Athletes: A Record of the Limits of Human Strength, Speed and Stamina.” I had heard of Willoughby and was so impressed with his book that I decided to contact him through the publisher.

To my surprise, Willoughby replied to my letter and we struck up a friendship regarding the Iron Game. He replied enthusiastically to all of my questions and provided a wealth of information regarding physical training, oldtime strongmen, etc., in the form of old backdate magazines, books, courses, photos, names and addresses of other oldtime strongmen, etc.

One of the publications that caught my eye was a huge physical training correspondence course that he wrote and published, many years before. He enclosed a note inside the front cover of the course asking me what I thought of it and if I felt it was worth republishing.

After carefully reading through the course, I called Willoughby and explained that I thought it was one of the best courses on physical training that I had ever read. I suggested that we update it in a few places and add additional training material. He agreed, and we immediately began compiling and editing what was soon to be the best physical training and conditioning course ever made available.

We’ve had requests to come out with digital versions of many of my publications and I believe The Master Method Course is a perfect place to start.

So now, you have the rare opportunity to benefit from this legendary physical training course of instruction written by one of the most famous and respected men in Iron Game history.

Continue with Lesson 2 of, “The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding”, today, for all-round superior physical conditioning!

Bill Hinbern

Walk It Out (172 BPM)


Olympic Lifts – Laminated Poster Lifting Poster / Chart For – Strength & Cardio Training – Core – Chest – Legs – Shoulders – Back – Build Muscle, Tone & Tighten – 18”x24″


LAMINATED OLYMPIC LIFTS POSTER This poster (Olympic Lifts) is meant to be part 2 of 2 along with your 9 Foundational Movements being the intro to Olympic Lifting .

EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS:Get a Full Body Workout with Both Upper and Lower Extremities Exercises.

BURN CALORIES Doing HIT or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is one of the Best Methods for Burning Calories Quickly.

LEARN TECHNIQUES TO MAXIMIZE EFFICIENCY & SAFETY: Torso Stabilization is Key to Proper Body Positioning.


The reason you will find our fitness posters in Community Centers, Hospitals, Clinics, High Schools and Military installations is we work to a higher standard. Quality is important.

– Our posters are designed and created by fitness experts with University degrees in Exercise Physiology and Human Kinetics.
– We put a lot of thought into providing safe, efficient exercises while also educating users on proper exercise technique and terminology.
– In order for the images to be precise, we only use personal trainers or aspiring exercise physiologists who have an understanding of proper body positioning (proprioception) to be fitness models. Experience has told us you cannot replicate proper form using non-fitness models.
– Posters are printed on 100lb. gloss paper and then laminated for durability.

BTW: At one point we considered using DRAWINGS instead of real life models as a cost saving measure, but found it was difficult to convey the nuances of safe, effective body movement and positioning.

Product Features

  • LAMINATED POSTER Description: Olympic lifting can best be described as a coordinated effort of muscle strength, flexibility and speed to lift a loaded olympic barbell from ground to overhead quickly and with proper form in one of two ways; the Snatch or the Clean and Jerk. While both lifts are complex, the Snatch is more advanced and technical than the Clean and Jerk (broken down into two separate lifts).
  • EASY TO FOLLOW: Clear & Percise Start/Finish Positions
  • WORKSOUT YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Exercises for Your Entire Body | Upper, Lower & Core Body Workouts
  • TRANSFORM YOUR BODY: Build Muscle | Tone & Tighten Your Body | Develop your Six Pack | Improve Strength & Posture | Created and designed by fitness experts

Nautilus Training Principles Bulletin No. 2 (Nautilus Bulletins)



(an Introduction to Nautilus Bulletin II)

by John Wood

I’ve been doing kindle books for several years now, and if you look back over my list of titles, one thing that should stand out is that the vast majority of them have all 5-star reviews. Yet, interestingly, a recent review for Nautilus Bulletin I was a low one, 2, maybe 3 stars…

Well, in said review, our man pointedly wrote that he was not interested in a book about muscle building — yet he purchased a book specifically ABOUT muscle building! In fact, one of the best books EVER written on the topic.

So… if you are NOT interested in learning about how to develop size, strength and muscle, then please pass this one by — there are plenty of other books out there on a variety of topics to hopefully capture your interest.

However, if you DO happen to want to learn the nuts and bolts of how to gain muscular size and strength, then you have come to the right place.

Weight Training Books: Strength Training Program 101 + Strength Training Nutrition 101 (Strength Training 101)


A top selling book on the best weight training strategies for more muscle, less fat…combined with the secret to maintaining clean eating!

Do you get bored with your training program too soon because the results don’t come quickly enough – or at all? Are you fed-up with boring, bland diets that get you nowhere? Are you frustrated at looking in the mirror and seeing the out of shape reflection? It ain’t your fault, there’s so much confusing advice in the health and fitness industry when it comes to exercise and nutrition that we don’t know who to believe. Fitness magazines bring out endless different training programs, we hear about a new fad diet every other week, and there are countless garbage supplements on the market promising the world. This special two books bundle shows you that building lean muscle, burning bodyfat and developing an athletic, awesome physique isn’t as complicated as you would believe.

Strength Training Program 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat…In Less Than 3 Hours Per Week

delivers the most effective weight training strategies to achieve results quickly in the gym.

Strength Training Nutrition 101: Build Muscle & Burn Fat Easily…A Healthy Way of Eating You Can Actually Maintain

backs this up with solid, proven nutritional advice that’s easy to follow – and will make the most of your efforts once you step outside of the gym. Author Marc McLean is an online personal training and nutrition coach with almost two decades of experience in strength training. He shares his top exercise and nutritional strategies to help men and women become stronger, healthier, better versions of themselves. In

Strength Training Program 101

, Marc pulls together his most effective exercise and training secrets. They’re delivered along with a simplified formula that allows you to easily create your own strength training programs. Below is the book’s table of contents: – Cutting Out The Confusion – Preparation & Goal Setting For Maximum Results – The Secret To Staying On Track – Building Muscle and Burning Fat Through Compound Exercises – The Key Compound Exercises – Muscle Isolation Moves – How To Create Your Own Training Plans – 9 Essential Ingredients To Better Nutrition – 10 Reasons You’ve Not Been Building Muscle Or Burning Fat Book 2,

Strength Training Nutrition 101

, delivers a simplified strategy on what to eat, when, and what to avoid to get the best results from your strength training program. It’s a sensible, do-able, manageable nutrition guide for men and women who lift weights and want to maximise their gym efforts. Below are the book’s chapters: – Simplifying Diet & Nutrition For More Muscle, Less Fat – The 7 Golden Rules of Clean Eating – The ‘Poison’ In Our Diets – Making The Right Food Choices – Calories – Do We Really Need All That Protein? – Pre-Workout Nutrition – Post-Workout Nutrition – Supplements – The Good, The Bad & The Useless


A free exercise demonstration e-book with high quality pictures and instructions, such as common mistakes to avoid, is available to download for every reader. The author is also giving away a free report detailing the all-natural supplements he uses to help boost his performance in the gym, enhance recovery, improve sleep, develop muscle, stay lean and maintain optimal health overall.

2015 Strength Plyometric Shoes (Male 8/Female 10)


Our plyometric strength shoes have helped countless athletes achieve remarkable results. Targeting your calf muscles, proper training with Strength Shoes can add 5-10 inches to your vertical jump, while dramatically increasing your speed, power, explosion and coordination. Our current model is the lightest ever. We’ve changed the material to allow for increased foot breathability. The front half of the shoe’s footprint is enlarged for support, balance, and shock absorption. This allows you to work your calves and Achilles tendons without risking injury to your ankles or knees. As you run, lift, jump, and move throughout your workout, your heels will dip below your toes, stretching the calves and forcing them to engage. Wearing these shoes when you’re training can increase your jump height by between 5 and 10 inches. They can make you faster, too. Wearing them could shave up to 2/10ths of your 40-yard dash without any additional speed training when you run. That may not sound like a lot, but when you look at what it translates into on longer distances, you’d be taking over 8 seconds off of your mile and over 27 seconds off of your 5K time. That’s a significant amount of time for anyone training for a new personal record.

Product Features

  • Increase Vertical Jump by 5-10 inches – Light weight shoes to help you increase your vertical jump with plyometric training.
  • Increase Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Explosive Power
  • Lower 50M Dash Time by 2/10ths of a second
  • Increase Reactive Strength and Agility
  • Increase Calf Mass and definition

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Turn the Music Louder (Rumble) [123 BPM]