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Perfect Fitness Pullup Assist Exercise Equipment, Red


Get the V-cut look with broad shoulders and a narrow waist while perfecting your pull-up form. Perfect Pull-up Assist helps you get stronger and maximizes your workout by providing assistance when you do a pull-up. Traditional pull-ups are hard, but the Pull-up Assist helps offset your weight so you can focus on technique and good form. Increases the number of pull-up sets and helps you work up to performing more unassisted pull-ups and chin-ups. Heavy-duty nylon strap with steel cam buckle to adjust length. Adjustable assistance with 3 band system provides up to approximately 50 lb. of assistance.

Product Features

  • Get Stronger and maximize your pull-up workout
  • Improve your Form with adjustable assistance allowing you to focus on technique
  • Versatile System attaches to any pull-up bar


Andy C-S says:

Great Product! I have been using the pull-up assist for about three months, and it is an outstanding product.Affordability – I did some research on pull-up assists in the marketplace, and this seems to be the most affordable of this three-band variety.Improves the quality and quantity of your pull-ups – I have gone from doing about seven or eight pull-ups per set to about 15 per set (only needing assistance on the last few reps).Easy to use – unlike some reviewers here, I…

Avionics Tech "Avionics Tech" says:

Works 0

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