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Perfect Life Ideas Twisting Balance Board for Strength Training, Cardio & Yoga Equipment. Improve Balance, Eye-hand Coordination – Burn Calories Twisting & Turning – Portable – Supports up to 200 LBS


This twisting balance board offers a great alternative to expensive gym equipment. See images above. Use it for core strength training, cardio workouts or Yoga to improve balance and burn calories. It’s compact, light-weight, supports up to 200 lbs, and features a beveled non-slip surface for improved traction. It comes with our Money-Back Guarantee so order yours now with confidence!

Product Features

  • Round board helps improve balance – Great for core strength training, yoga and cardio workouts
  • Wobble balance board perfect tool for therapy and fitness – Used by trainers and physical therapists
  • Twist disc has a non-slip, beveled surface for optimal traction – Supports up to 200 lbs
  • Great for a variety of balancing, twist board exercises for body toning and balance development
  • Compact – Lightweight – Fits into most gear bags & briefcases – Perfect for home, gym or travel


Pippenwycks says:

Great for a two year old!! Adults not so much Why did I purchase this? Good question. I stand at my desk all day and this product claimed to be both a balance and twisting board. I thought it would be something I could do while standing all day. Well, If I was a two year old this would be great! But I’m a 5 ft 1 130 lb (unhappy) woman. The size is not even as large as a standard Frisbee. Unless you are standing with both feet directly in the center of this very small circle it will not twist at all. .So, is that the balancing part? because…

piper says:

Balance and coordination are improving with round balance board In the past year I have made it very far with my fitness goals and overall self improvement, Enjoyed many fitness classes, learning about new techniques and types of workouts. Above all I have learned of all the creative and functional equipment that goes along with it. This was something new to me so I had to try as I had not heard of it yet! Simply, its a round balance board for improving balance and coordination as well as strength training. I am pretty astonished at how much it can make me…

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