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PERFECT LIFE IDEAS Twisting Balance Board – Perfect Addition To Your Strength Training, Cardio & Yoga Equipment – Improve Balance, Eye-Hand Coordination – Burn Calories By Twisting & Turning – Compact Portable Design – Supports Up To 200 LBS


This twisting balance board offers a great alternative to expensive gym equipment. See images above. Use it for core strength training, cardio workouts or Yoga to improve balance and burn calories. It’s compact, light-weight, supports up to 200 lbs, and features a beveled non-slip surface for improved traction. It comes with our Money-Back Guarantee so order yours now with confidence!

Product Features

  • Round board helps improve balance – Great for core strength training, yoga and cardio workouts
  • Wobble balance board perfect tool for therapy and fitness – Used by trainers and physical therapists
  • Twist disc has a non-slip, beveled surface for optimal traction – Supports up to 200 lbs
  • Great for a variety of balancing, twist board exercises for body toning and balance development
  • Compact – Lightweight – Fits into most gear bags & briefcases – Perfect for home, gym or travel


Anonymous says:

I’ve been trying to find a device that will let me exercise without being too clunky, too costly, or just something that only has one function.I used this product with bare feet so I’m not sure how the product would work if you wear socks. Just out of curiosity, I decided to put the balancing board on my carpet but it didn’t work as well. However, once I placed the balancing board on a flat surface, it was very stable. I am a person who tends to lose their balance easily so I made…

Anonymous says:

I absolutely have enjoyed using my new twisting balance board it is the perfect board to pack with you to go to the gym! It is small, lightweight, & fits perfectly in your gym bag! I love the bright color options that you have to choose from I chose the green! This balancing board supports up to 200 pounds! It is durable to hold weight! If you are like me I have no coordination! I can trip & fall over my own to feet I am not graceful by any means! It has a non-slip beveled surface for traction…

Anonymous says:

This is a really nice balance board! My son has been doing some yoga with me, and he needs a little extra help to keep his balance on some positions. This twisting balance board helps him learn how to keep his balance with movement and without movement if he wants. This will not only help him with his yoga poses, but also balance well on a skateboard or while riding his bicycle. I especially like that it’s portable and easy to use so even in the…

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