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Petown Dog 50-Feet Training Lead Leash Adjustable (Red)


This dog training lead leash provide extra strength for controlling large dogs. This extra long training lead is designed for distance training. Handle the dogs with this sturdy leads. Made from woven nylon. Machine wash, warm water, mild soap (no bleach or bleach alternative). Air dry.

Product Features

  • Dog Training Lead Leash provide extra strength for controlling large dogs
  • Preferred and recommended by professional dog handlers and trainers.
  • Allows you to teach your dog recalls and other obedience skills
  • An essential training tool, the best long line available.
  • A width of 1 inch and adjusts from 25-feet to 50-feet in length


P. Lewis says:

Not right for me but might be for you. The description was a little misleading. When it said it was adjustable from 25′ to 50′ I didn’t expect to end up with two leashes when it was in the 25′ size. Caused all kinds of tangling and knotting plus the dog was getting intertwined between the leashes. There has to be a better way to handle this situation but I had to return them ( I purchased two). I have to say is the best when it comes to exchanges and returns and I never worry about having to send something back, they make…

Rebekka Pierre says:

Still keeping it and hoping for the best. I know it’s not the most expensive leash, but this one is “just ok” in my opinion. Maybe I didn’t read the description very well, but I was thinking it would be a little bit thicker. This is made of medium grade nylon webbing, not thick canvas as I was expecting. Still keeping it and hoping for the best.12-22-14: Ok, the leash has snapped… didn’t last very long. This may work better for smaller dogs than our 110 lb Rottweiler/Shepherd mix. I probably wouldn’t use this leash on any…

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