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Power of Habit – 99 Healthy Habits to Relieve Stress, Eat Healthy, Feel Good and Increase Energy: (Habits ,Healthy Habits, Power of Habit, Relieve Stress, Lose Weight)


Power of Habit: 99 Healthy Habits to Relieve Stress, Eat Healthy, Feel Good and Increase Energy

In this book, I help you to relieve stress, eat healthy, feel good and increase your energy with 99 good habits. These habits can be incorporated into your lifestyle. 99 may seem a lot, but the truth is you will gradually adopt each one individually at your own pace. Introducing each of these habits individually allows your body to cope more readily with the changes. Attempt to do them all at once and you may end up giving up.

Habits, as well know, define a person’s lifestyle. If you have healthy habits, then you are sure to have a good life and a healthy body in the long haul. On the other hand, if you are surrounded by bad habits, you cannot hope to go a long way in your efforts to implement any positive plans in action. What a lot of people don’t realize is how their simple everyday habits could be contributing to their high stress levels.

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Anonymous says:

Its a great book as a guide of living a healthy and positive life. At work, stress is the number one cause of unhealthy life. And its really difficult to get away with it specially for working people like me. But now, I have known that there are various ways and habits that can relieve stress. Thanks to this book, at least now, by doing the simple activities in daily living the right way will help improve my lifestyle. I’m sure, by developing these habits, it would lead to a healthy and happy…

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