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PowerKICK Performance Elite Soccer Training Tool – Core Strength & Balance


Developed by Indoor Soccer Legend, Hector Marinaro, PowerKICK is designed to enhance the performance of those who strive to distance themselves from the competition. Every PowerKICK comes with an instructional video where Hector demonstrates each of the 14 skill-focused drills to increase your specific abilities. Drills like the “Front Kick Speed Drill,” for example, work on foot speed and balance while other drills, like the “Back Leg Axe Kick,” target flexibility and leg coordination. By elevating performance, professionalism, confidcence and team cohesion, PowerKICK can give your team the edge in an extremely competitive sport. Soccer-training system that focuses specific, skill-oriented, multiple-angle exercises to hone your abilities Strengthen muscles and provide an excellent workout Easily transported and turns virtually any area into a practice field Improve skills and more Core Strength Balance foot Speed Quick Burst Ability Anaerobic & Aerobic Condition Range of Motion Leg & Hip Strength Rotational Power Off Balance Force Production Reaction Time Leg Coordination Teamwork Confidence The Paddle Itself Dual padded construction creates audible awareness of correct technique Authentic Soccer ball size & design Leather wrapped handle Elastic Wrist Strap

Product Features

  • Improves Core Strength
  • Improves Balance
  • Improves Foot Speed
  • Improves Teamwork
  • Improves Reaction Time


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