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Pre-Golf Warm Up Exercises For Golf Swing – Professional Golf Fitness Exercise Trainer Mike Pedersen shows simple and affective pre-golf warm up stretches and…


Virginia Carrillo says:

i didn’t get birdie….just a par

Jack MacLeod says:

‘I guarantee you might birdie the first hole’

Andrew Mitchell says:

I’ll probably skip the first warm up lol.

GUNman3893 says:

agian great tips helped me out alot

Ikhwan Siru says:

good one~

antjc80 says:


scargamillo90 says:

This video just makes me want to give up golf and go to the gym to get huge
arms instead.

mjheisner says:

Or you good drink a beer or two

Bigsheesh says:

When I do this exercise early in the morning it makes me wanna go poop.
This dude is ripped like the P90X trainer!

Perform Better Golf says:

@Damon77711 Well, you don’t actually do them on the tee. You can do them at
the practice range, or even in the proshop locker room. Or, even at home
before you leave. Lots of options.

zooch79 says:

very helpful… You are making great use of youtube!! thanks a bundle.

Dreama40 says:

very very good, thanks for the post!!

9622boy says:

awesome viedo helps me out alot. Thanks

Dominic Burbine says:

He’s like the fucking terminator

SKshooter says:

please do not stretch yourself out the way this guy did before a round of
golf. Most of what he is doing is really not necessary. All you need to do
is some very light stretching, followed by hitting a small bucket of balls.
Then move on to the practice greens for chipping and putting.

drew118183 says:

This guy probably drives the ball 350 yards with those guns he has as arms.
Thanks for the tips

happytuffnut says:

Thanks alot, really helped me since im only 15 and i play after school..
but i aint got much time so i normally rush and try to get as much golf in
as possible and end up with back strain the next day. Thanks to you i
doesn’t happen now :) And i shot 4 over today with out any hassel.

bas75252 says:

Is that the outfit you wear for golfing?!!

RockingPuccini409 says:

Great tips!

nzpinoyboy says:

Great tip! Just with walking aroung the course would get me ripped like
this guy though! Usually cool down with a few beers!

GUNman3893 says:

awesome video

DanielMonem1 says:

@hugoK1000 Do it just before you leave:-)

samiamscogin says:

I guarantee, you might even get a birdie on the first hole! That’s not much
of a guarantee.

Perform Better Golf says:

Too funny!

yoss22 says:

nice tips…Thanks!

hugoK1000 says:

not gonna do that at the golf course:P

Perform Better Golf says:

Thanks a bunch!

Jappards says:

I have never been on a course that allows that kind of clothes…. Thanks

Perform Better Golf says:

Glad to hear it :)

okstatefan48 says:

Good video. Hope I don’t split my golf slacks doing this.

soggybottom says:

This is the most jacked golfer in the world

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Pankhuri Neema says:

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