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Pregnenolone 75mg – Micronized Form More Effective Than 100mg of Standard Pregnenolone – Best Supplement for Brain Function, Focus, and Memory Support As Well As Hormonal Balance* – Developed By Physicians – Tested for Purity and Strength – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Finally a Pregnenolone supplement that is micronized, affordable, tested through blood levels to ensure absorption, and strong enough to balances hormones and boost memory*.

Here’s the Problem with nearly all Pregnenolone supplements…

– They are not micronized. They are not monitored with blood work. They are too weak to make a difference.

Here’s why this is the best Pregnenolone product available

– Effectiveness monitored through blood work: Because this product was developed by practicing physicians they can monitor pregnenolone levels to ensure their supplement is working.

– It is Micronized: The process of micronization takes raw pregnenolone material and makes the particle size extremely small. When hormones are micronized they are much easier for the body to absorb. There is a reason why pharmaceutical hormones are micronized, just ask your pharmacist.

– Frequently tested for purity and strength. We use an independent lab to test our supplements to ensure that they are at least 99.99% pure from toxins and heavy metals

– Most Effective Dose: After testing and treating over 6000 patients we have found that using 75mg of micronized pregnenolone is the dose that most people need to achieve optimal health benefits including improved energy and brain functioning.

Not Satisfied? Get Your Money Back With Our100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Every purchase is backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – If you’re not happy for any reason then return it for a full refund. So purchase today and get on track to experience Health As It Ought To Be.

Product Features

  • Guaranteed Purity: Frequently tested for purity and strength. We use an independent lab to test our supplements to ensure that they are at least 99.99% pure from toxins and heavy metals.
  • Most Affordable Micronized Pregnenolone available. Micronized pregnenolone comes as a much smaller particle size than standard pregnenolone which allows for better absorption and utilization. Our raw material needs to pass stringent particle size testing before we put it in our capsules.
  • Supports Critical Health Processes: Pregnenolone is the main master hormone. It is the building block that the body uses to make all of the other hormones so it is great for hormonal balance. It is also great for energy and memory in itself.*
  • Order Now with No Risk due to our 30 day money back guarantee. No Questions Asked Refund if you’re not 100% happy.
  • Custom Developed by Leading Integrative Physicians: Dr. Bruce Lantelme and Dr. Wiggy Saunders are two of the foremost Integrative Medicine Physicians in the nation and both well studied in Pregnenolone research. With much of their clinical recommendations pointing to a need for Pregnenolone supplementation… and with so few options out there…they created a breakthrough Pregnenolone shown to increase health. Since then are both actively practicing physicians they can monitor Pregnenolone levels and ensure absorption.



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Anonymous says:

This is a great brand! I’ve been a patient of the physicians who formulated the Health As It Ought To Be brand for several years and have full confidence in their knowledge, expertise, and thoroughness. Many doctors do not even check pregnenolone levels and the thorough hormone workup they did helped identify several post-menopausal deficiencies. My pregnenolone levels are now optimal and I’m amazed by how significantly my memory and energy have improved. I never thought I could feel this good…

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