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Premium 7MM Neoprene Knee Sleeve by The Bulk Up Bros (Single) – Vital For Crossfit, Weightlifting, Physical therapy, and Strength Training


Premium 7MM Neoprene Knee Sleeve by The Bulk Up Bros

• VITAL FOR HIGH-INTENSITY TRAINING – Whether it’s the newest cross fit regiment, or a session of power cleans in the gym, the newly designed Bulk Up Bros Knee sleeve will endeavor to strengthen the production of your workout

• BUILT FOR WARMTH – The premium 7MM Neoprene is built to keep the joints and muscles warm while breaking a sweat!

• DURABLE – These Knee sleeves will last you very long, whether you wear them once, twice, or ten times a week!

• GREAT FOR DAILY USE – Don’t be afraid to break them out in your daily routines, should your activity warrant it. The Neoprene quality and double stitching is designed to help release tension, create compression, and deliver a stable feeling to your knees and their muscles 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

• SNUG FIT – Be sure to check out the sizing chart up in the pictures above to make sure your fit is snug. The fit is paramount to success.

Great to use for:




•Physical Therapy

•Strength Training

•All Sports


•Everyday use!


•PREMIUM – 100% Pure-grade Neoprene – NOT 3mm, NOT 5mm, 7MM of thickness to provide maximum warmth and stability.

•HAND-CRAFTED – Black on black premium double stitching on inside and outside of Neoprene fabric

•WARMTH -Effective warming of joints and muscles around knees, reducing risk of injury

•DESIGN – Unique Aqua Blue Bulk Up Bros Logo – JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

Product Features

  • 100% PREMIUM 7MM NEOPRENE – These hand-crafted knee sleeves utilize a one-of-a-kind stitch that will not tear like others. The unique design has created a product that will resist degradation and tearing, even under the most intense duress.
  • COMFORT IS KING – We have created a product that fits properly, doesn’t bunch and is extremely comfortable. Each sleeve was created with a meticulous hand stitch, ensuring the product’s ability to stay in place around the circumference of one’s knee cap.
  • EXCEPTIONAL WARMTH AND STABILITY TO JOINTS – Insulation and warmth to the joints is of the utmost importance, and was not taken lightly. Superior warmth to the Knee joint, as well as a trusted and battle-tested stability is ensured during any/all workouts or activities.
  • GREAT FOR CROSSFIT, CROSS-TRAINING, POWERLIFTING, RUNNING, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN! – You can truly use these anywhere, as their design is meant to be multi-faceted. Whether you find yourself in the midst of a Smith Machine, or a stroll down boardwalk, you can feel confident in the Bulk Up Bros getting you from A to B with support and ease.
  • LONG LASTING, DURABLE, AND TRUSTED – We designed these with our fitness goals in mind, so feel confident in a product that the creators use daily.


Amazon Customer says:

These are the best I have used just about every knee sleeve you can buy and I must say that this is above and beyond the best. I use it mainly for squat and deadlift exercises (roughly 2 days a week) and have noticed that my knees feel infinitely better (the other 7MM sleeves I have used are not nearly as supportive). Living in NYC, walking is king, so you can imagine how much my life depends on having healthy knees. Additionally I recently began training for an Ironman competition and will likely wear these for…

martha2nd1 says:

My Hubby Loves It I purchased this for my husband. He has pain in his knee all of the time and has been looking for a knee support. From the moment I received this, he has been wearing it. He works in a warehouse and is constantly on his feet. He says that it is comfortable to wear and that it doesn’t slid down his leg like a lot of the others sleeves he has tried. It fits perfectly and gives him ample support. It is washable which is a plus since he sweats at work during the day. It fits well above and below…

Harleywv says:

Thick and heavy duty! This knee compression brace is so thick and plush. We have purchased several knee braces and none have been as sturdy and well made as this one. It is very comfortable to wear and easily stays in place. I think it will be very helpful with minor knee pain while playing basketball (my intended use). This is well worth the money and seems like it will last and last. The seams are sewn tight and will not come apart. I’m so pleased with this product and can’t wait to get on the court to test it…

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