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Prevention Fitness System – Personal Training


05-51512 Prevention Personal Training Now you can have the benefits of a personal trainer at a fraction of the cost! With Prevention’s Personal Training, you get expert instruction plus a variety of workouts that you can mix and match to get the body you want. Chris Freytag has been specially selected by Prevention magazine, America’s leading healthy lifestyle magazine, to be your personal trainer. She’ll coach you on proper technique, keep you motivated, and make your workouts fun. The program’s energizing cardio workouts and results-oriented toning routines can help you lose weight, firm up, flatten your belly, improve your health, and slim your hips and thighs. Just choose your goal and Prevention’s Personal Training will create daily workouts designed to help you achieve the results you want. Or you can mix and match 9 separate workouts to create a personalized routine that meets your needs. Get ready for your best body ever! Recommended equipment: 2 sets of dumbbells (3- to 5-lbs and 8- to 10-lbs Consult with your doctor before beginning this or any exercise routine. The creators, producers, participants, and distributors of this program do not assume liability for injury or loss in connection with this exercise program and instructions therein.Get bored easily? Then Prevention’s Personal Training with Chris Freytag is one for your collection. There is a whole menu of different workouts that can be mixed and matched, depending on your goal (lose weight, overall toning, specific body-part toning, etc.), your time available, and your mood. Beginners can take it easy with, say, one of the cardio workouts and one or two of the spot-toning workouts. More advanced exercisers can add on any of several chunks of toning, sculpting, and cardio. The moves are, in general, rather basic–squats, lunges, quick-moving reps in the cardio routines, etc., but those of us who weren’t born to be in the Rockettes appreciate the simpler choreography. You’ll need light hand weights (or slightly heavier for more of a challenge) and a workout mat or thick carpet that floor work. The “legs & butt workout” will, if you focus, really make itself felt the next day, and that’s a great thing. Freytag is, as usual, an approachable and inspiring fitness leader. Still not feeling it? Add one more chunk of workout to your routine, and you’ll have your heart rate in its target zone. –A.T. Hurley


Little Miss Cutey says:

Love this too :-) I always love it when Prevention release another workout because I get bored easy and I like to mix workouts up. I’ve loved all of the other Prevention workouts and knew I’d love this too. Chris Freytag leads again and does another superb job. There are two aerobic routines and five targeted toning workouts. The dvd is programmable so you can do them in any order and do as many or as little as you want. That’s a big plus so you don’t get bored or pushed for time. You can choose whether…

Jenna Green says:

Great work out to getting started! not for advanced though.. 0

Katie K says:

Love It! Love It! This is the perfect video for me! I read Chris’s book when it came out and did her move to lose videos and lost 30 pounds in a few short months. Everything she has to say just makes sense to me and it is easy to follow. I live in Phoenix, so it is hard for me to do any excercise outside right now in the 100 degree heat. I just recently got this video and love using it daily. I am able to customize my workout and do it at a level that works for me. Chris is so motivational and I feel so…

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