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Push Ups: For Everyone- Perfect Pushup Workouts For Muscle Growth, Strength and Endurance (home workouts, workout routines, build muscle, strength training, exercise workout Book 3)


Achieve Muscle Growth, Strength And Endurance With Perfect Push Ups

Push up workouts are one of the oldest and most effective exercise methods known to man. By themselves push ups work the entire body and will help you achieve real muscle growth, strength and endurance in record time. The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups contains over 65 different push up variations that are suitable for the complete beginner to the advanced athlete. You don’t need expensive gym memberships or other gimmicks to get in superior shape. The push up workouts presented in this book work the major muscle groups, are free, and can be done at anywhere at anytime. When you read this book you will learn the following:

How to perform a perfect push up
Build strength and endurance evenly
Stimulate muscle growth 3 ways
Discover a method of achieving 100 push ups in a row
Improve your reaction time
Every push up variation is fully demonstrated and illustrated
How effective push up workouts can be

If you want to learn how to utilize push up workouts to achieve superior health then The Ultimate Guide To Push Ups is the book for you.

Order this book and get started on your own road to superior health and fitness today!


Peter Tsang says:

69 pushup variations David Nordmark’s guide presents an exhaustive list of pushup variations. Mr. Nordmark divides the pushups into beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Photos are black and white and fairly large. The photos are fine, but could be a little more clearer.Beginning1. Leg-assisted wall pushup2. Wall pushup3. One-arm pushup4. Plyo Wall pushup5. Wall corner pushup6. Leg-assisted chair pushup7. Chair pushup (I)8. Knee-assisted chair…

Safety Steve says:

Best Book On Push-Ups The previous reviewer apparently didn’t read the book. It doesn’t claim to provide a full body workout program. It’s a book about push-ups, and lots of variations.I have several of this author’s books. They are all good to some extent. However, this is probably his best title. I realize that many people could care less about having 60+ variations of the push-up but for those that emphasize bodyweight-only workouts, this is a great guide. The push-up variations allow for variety in…

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