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RAWBuiltTech Pull up / Resistance Bands – NEW Assisted Pull up Resistance Band (Single Band) Used By Weightlifters and Gyms Nationwide! *Choose 1 of 5 Different Resistance Levels* Can Be Used for Crossfit Training, Gymnastics and Power-lifting. Ideal for Pull-up, Chin Up, Muscle Ups and Any Other Assisted Exercises! *Best* Strength Training Stretch Bands! Strong and Durable with Endless Applications. 41 Inch Long / ** COMPLETE 100% MONEY BACK SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! ** (#2 Purple – 20 to 60 Pounds (3/4


Are you working HARD on BUILDING your Upper Body and Pull-up strength, but just can’t seem to break your previous best record?

Introducing our
NEW RAWBuiltTech Assisted Pull-Up Resistance Bands for Cross Training and Power-Lifting (Choose Single Band or Entire Set)

RAWBuiltTech’s assisted pull-up / resistance bands help add that extra bit of resistance to your workout and aids your body to perform better. These bands are PERFECT for men and women that need some extra help achieving the next level of pull ups, chin ups, ring dips and muscle ups. No matter your skill level, RAWBuiltTech is made for you!

Made of only the BEST material, these bands will withstand the tests of time. In fact, since we believe that you will love these bands over any other brand, we offer a

We offer 5 different bands, each with a different resistance and power level to ensure you have the perfect fit! Please select the band that best fits your fitness level and needs.

Our thinnest band provides the least amount of resistance for those who only need a small boost in their workout regime and our thickest band provides the MOST assistance for those who are new to pull-ups.


These bands are not only for pull-up assistance! They can also be used for resistance training such as: chest expansions, triceps and bicep workouts, squats and deadlifts! With such versatility, why wait another minute to BUY NOW??

If workout satisfaction is what you are looking for, Click the
BUY NOW button and join over *5,000* Satisfied Customers and Gym Owners in the world of RAWBuiltTech!

Since each purchase is for a SINGLE BAND, don’t be shy to buy several different sizes so you have them ready as your body strength increases!

Product Features

  • Sale is for a SINGLE BAND. Choose 1 of 5 different resistance levels. Simply choose which band is right for you!
  • You are looking to purchase this band now: #2 Purple – 20 to 60 Pounds 3/4
  • Here are the details of all the other bands we offer: #1 Red- 5 to 35 Pounds (1/2
  • A majority of our customers buy more than one band and combine the bands for the most efficient training. The combination of bands gives you multiple levels of assistance – The combination of bands allows the user to start with the most assistance and work their way down to the thicker band and finally to the thinnest band when their body has grown in strength!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Provides YOU with ABSOLUTE CONFIDENCE in the purchase of our bands! If for any reason these do not satisfy you, please return them so someone else can be granted the pleasure of owning these beauties!


Amazon Customer says:

so having this really makes my workout at home much better, and I can use it for a variety … I received this product in exchange for an unbiased review. I have been wanting to get a resistance band to help me with the workouts that I do at home. I am a stay-at-home mommy and don’t have a car for the majority of the day, so having this really makes my workout at home much better, and I can use it for a variety of exercises that I was not able to do effectively without it. I’m 97 pounds and 5’1″ so the red band (5-35 lbs) works perfectly for me. It is a nice starter band for my…

Michael Kuta says:

Ive been contemplating getting bands like these for the longest time but just never did … Ive been contemplating getting bands like these for the longest time but just never did it. I am proud to say that I am very happy that I did!I consider myself an experienced weightlifter but not an expert at it. I know enough for sports, and not not hurt myself which is good enough for me. I was always wondering what the little pegs were on the side of squat racks were for and I saw them being used one day and then I figured it out.The resistance bands I have are 5…

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