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Release The Beast: Conquer Mental, Physical & Diet Challenges To Unleash The Champion Inside!


Have you every actually finished a new year’s resolution?
Have you every wanted to look like that person on that fitness magazine cover?
Are you ready to finally let go of the past and get to that next level of fitness?

It’s Never Too Late!

This astonishing and enlightening book will radically change your mindset when it comes to how you approach fitness. This book was written for everyone who has tried diet and fitness plans but did not get the final results they desired. Release The Beast will give you the tools necessary to breathe new life into any nutrition and fitness plan. You will no longer be a victim of your past. This book will bring the mental clarity needed to start a new journey towards your dream body.

When trying to get in shape, we consistently have obstacles in our lives. We have our kid’s crazy schedules. We have consistent work demands. We have daily family obligations. If we are lucky enough to squeeze a few minutes in our already crowded schedules, we THEN make time for fitness. Shouldn’t our lives be structured to support our fitness goals and not the other way around?

Release The Beast aids in taking our lives back! No more telling ourselves “tomorrow, I will” because you will be starting today! No matter if you’re a business executive, stay at home parent, bodybuilder, college student, teacher, doctor, etc., this book was created for YOU! This book was written to address real life issues we all face. No “lose weight in five days” or “gain 10 pounds of muscle in a week” get fit quick schemes are in this book. This book just gives you the hardcore honest truth in what you need to do to get to your fitness goals.

Release The Beast sets your mind and body for success by:
Getting you to let go of past failures Pushing you to new levels of greatness with over twelve unique challenges Stopping negative thinking in its tracks Finally confronting your biggest adversary…YOURSELF!
Follow the advice in this book and get closer to the body you know you deserve.

Deep down inside, you know you could always be better. Maybe you need to be a little faster. Maybe a little stronger. Maybe an inch thinner.

What’s stopping you from being better?

If you’re ready for a life long change, all you have to do is take a deep breath and…..


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Mimi E says:

No more excuses! RELEASE THE BEAST What does the title mean? Mike’s directions help us beat this monster that keeps getting in the way of our goals. He’s been there and done that. Mike has done all the hard work and all there’s left for us to do is follow his guidelines.What I really like about this book is how the author chips away at your belief system. Yes, that belief system which is not serving you but keeps piling on the pounds, that one.Then he helps you to set…

Amazon Customer says:

“Inspiration for internal transformation to benefit external transformation” This new book is a heart felt perspective from a real life experience. The authors has clearly provided detailed and well laid out information which has proven effective from the lives of real people using the information during their normal living. It was refreshing to read that there were testimonies and examples from ordinary people like me. The positive “I can do it” encouragement that the author gives, is believable. The most powerful thing I learned from this fitness book is…

Anonymous says:

This book is does a great job encouraging each of us to resist the idea that change is as easy as a single diet program or exercise routine. The Author challenges us to embrace a more complete self evaluation and adjust our goals and expectations on a grander scale thereby ensuring success rather than just hoping for it. If you want that kind of certainty and a new way to look at how you can better yourself in more ways than just losing weight, or improving your quality of life, this book is…

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