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Saw Palmetto for Prostate Support – Berry Powder with Standardized Extract to Help Block DHT and Fight Hair Loss – 500mg Capsules – Herbal Supplement


Saw Palmetto (Serenoa repens) is a palm plant that grows in the US. It’s berries contain phytosterols and fatty acids. The active ingredients have been reported to inhibit 5-alpha reductase, which helps convert testosterone to DHT. DHT has been associated with prostate enlargement, urination problems and hair loss.

A Natural Alternative that Supports Prostate Health – our product is all natural and contains Saw Palmetto berries and a Saw Palmetto extract to support prostate health. Many people are using nutrition supplements and herbal remedies to maintain a healthy life. Many people prefer natural 5-alpha reductase blockers instead of pharmaceutical 5-alpha reductase pills given by doctors, which can cause unwanted side effects. A lot of men take a saw palmetto complex and use saw palmetto for hair loss.

100% Money-back guarantee – we’re confident that you’ll like our product. If you’re not completely satisfied, you’ll get a full refund – even if you have used the entire bottle!

Start the best new chapter in your life with a natural DHT blocker that provides excellent prostate support. These are very high-quality saw palmetto capsules.

Product Features

  • SAFETY: Our Saw Palmetto super complex is 100% safe, real and natural. It’s grown in the US and then made in the US in a modern, FDA-inspected facility that follows extremely strict current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs). Thorough laboratory testing is done to ensure you get the safest and purest saw palmetto capsules, starting with the raw ingredients to the final saw palmetto encapsulations in gelatin capsules.
  • ABOUT US: Health Factors sells vitamins and supplements that enhance good dietary practices. This product is from wild saw palmetto berries and contains natures nutrients, which support vital prostate and urinary tract maintenance. It’s free from harmful additives and preservatives.
  • OTHER SPELLINGS: Saw Palmetto is sometimes misspelled or spelled differently, for example: saw pallmeto, saw palmeto, saw-palmetto or saw palmento.
  • SUPPORTS PROSTATE HEALTH & FIGHTS HAIR LOSS: This natural prostate supplement supports prostate health and fights hair loss. Saw palmetto berries contain natural sterols such as beta-sitosterol and fatty acids, which have been reported to inhibit the effects of 5 alpha reductase, which helps convert testosterone to DHT. DHT causes prostate problems such as benign prostate hyperplasia or BPH (enlarged prostate gland), which can cause frequent urination, also known as nocturia. DHT also causes male hair loss.
  • WHY US?: We give you a safe, pure, extra strength, whole saw palmetto berry formula that combines both dried berries with an actual saw palmetto extract to provide even more plant sterols. We want you to have the best prostate supplement to help you stay healthy. Other formulas are lower-quality or are more expensive. These saw palmetto pills are priced very competitively and we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If you don’t like the results, you’ll get a full and prompt refund – even if you return the bottle empty.


The Williams Family says:

HealthFactors’ Saw Palmetto is definitely working to improve my aging prostate. HealthFactors’ Saw Palmetto is a great supplement.I’m 49 years old. Although I keep myself if really great shape, I’ve notice that one part of my body seems to be aging more than my other parts. I been facing two relatively embarrassing but new issues:(1) My volume at the end of sex is way down compared to just a few years ago. At the pace of my recent reductions, I’ll be shooting out dust in a few years.(2) When I urinate, it seem like I…

Mark says:

Skeptical at first, glad I tried I’ve had problems waking up to use the restroom the past year or so but up until now I have just lived with it. I decided to get this product in exchange for my honest review because I figured I had nothing to lose but I didn’t know if it would work. I’ve been using it for a week now and I don’t need to wake up to use the restroom any more. I didn’t think it would work that fast and I was skeptical it would work at all but knowing what I know now I would have, and will in the future, be buying…

****GAW**** says:

Reduced trips to bathroom during the day! Cannot give it 5 stars because do not long how this will perform long term.But as a person who visits the bathroom multiple times during the day and having to schedule your activities around bathroom trips, I needed something that worked.This has been working so far.It has seemed to help reduce the number of trips during the day.So far (about a week) so good!I received this product at a great/reduced discount to provide my honest experience and feedback…

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