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Smart Immune: With Antioxidants, Mushrooms & Herbal Complex – Nutritional Supplement Ideal To Support Your Health & Young Look


Product Features

  • IMMUNE SUPPORT FOR OPTIMAL HEALTH: Feel the Health Benefits of an Arsenal of Antioxidants, Mushroom & Herbal Complex
  • PROMOTES NORMAL CELLULAR GROWTH And Supports Your Body’s Normal Detoxification Process
  • QUALITY MADE IN THE USA: Dr. Tobias Smart Immune is Manufactured in a facility following the GMP, buy with confidence!
  • SYNERGISTIC FORMULATION: From Multiple Sources For Enhanced Bioavailability – Antioxidants from multiple sources are more effective than large doses from only one source.
  • HELPS YOU AGAINST ENVIRONMENTAL STRESSORS: Get an advantage in the fight with free radicals that can damage your health and make you age and look old faster


Carol S. says:

A powerhouse of antioxidants. – Dr. Tobias’ Smart Immune Antioxidants. I have severe allergies and suffer from frequent anaphylactic reactions. Immune support is vital for me. I take a lot of all natural supplements to help maintain my health. This product is just a powerhouse of antioxidants. I have taken a lot of these separately. I love seeing them all in one supplement. I am so pleased that I was afforded the opportunity to review Dr. Tobias’ Smart Immune Antioxidants in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. There are 60 capsules in this container and…

Ela B "E. Ayers" says:

We haven’t had this long enough to note a marked improvement in immune health but we’re very happy with taste and ease of swallo We’re looking for anything and everything to boost immune health here at my house. My daughter is riddled with environmental and food allergies and my husband has cancer. Neither of them have a lick of immune system and any germ that passes by takes residency in both of them. I bought this for both of them. After reading the ingredients I cant wait to see the change in both of them.We haven’t had this long enough to note a marked improvement in immune health but we’re very happy with…

T...just T "Tara lynn" says:

didn’t get sick…. I started taking this last week, when everyone here in my house started coming down with the flu. I haven’t gotten sick yet and when my kids started getting sympotmatic. I am still not sick. I have an autoimmune disorder & I get sick all the time – we are all amazed, that I am not yet. This is definitely helping to boost up my immune system & it works very quickly. I also have a big sensitivity to ANY allergens & I was getting chronic sinusitis, this supplement has helped greatly with my…

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