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Star Mark Pro-Training Dog Collar, Large – 21″


Star Mark Pro-Training Dog CollarOur Star Mark Pro-Training Dog Collar helps you control even the most stubborn dog. The pronged, linked design is gentle but effective in enforcing pack leadership. Boasting the appearance of a flat collar, this training collar offers custom sizing with the ability to add or remove links, much like a watch band. Constructed of high strength polymer for durability, this collar helps prevent pulling and lunging behavior. Additionally, Star Mark offers a free online training guide with step-by-step instructions.

Product Features

  • Helps train your dog gently and effectively
  • High-strength link design fits together in watchband pattern
  • 21-inch circumference fits larger dogs
  • Links can be removed or added (additional links sold separately)
  • Created by certified experts at Triple Crown Dog Academy, Inc.


MVShepherd says:

Great idea but pulled apart when puppy lunged Definitely worked well on my 6 month old German Shepherd puppy. Made a world of difference taking her for walks and getting her attention when she got excited.Unfortunately, it is not that strong and pulled part when she went after a cat. This is the second time it pulled apart. The first time it happened, I thought maybe I didn’t click the links together properly. But this time, if you look at the links, you can clearly see the plastic deformed to allow the separation. I am…

Michael Sowers says:

Easy To Use & Immediate Results I purchased this collar for training my 6 month old Golden Retriever/Australian Cattle Dog mix.Naturally a 6 month old has energy to spare and my dog is a strong puller. We had tried traditional collars as well as other specialty training collars with no positive results. We enrolled her in a Beginners Obedience Class and our trainer turned us on to the Triple Crown collar.Immediately after putting it on our dog there was a difference in her behavior. She stopped pulling and began…

DP says:

Sorry my dog almost got run over because of this 0

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