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Strength To The Max: A Four Phase Training System to Maximize Your Strength


If your goal is to gain strength, it generally takes more than one form of training to build the various physical qualities that contribute to maximum strength gains. The four phase workout in Strength to the Max provides a solution to help you achieve this. Each workout addresses the strength enhancing qualities such as: rapid force production, heavy single rep training, muscular growth, and workload capacity. When these attributes are trained effectively, they work together to help you build strength on a consistent basis.

In addition to the four phases of a workout, the training instructions include the necessary details for how to perform precision workouts. You won’t have to wonder if you are overtraining or undertraining, but will learn exactly how hard to push yourself for maximum strength gains based on your personal physiological capacities. The simple workouts that are presented in this book will take the guess work out of training and provide a roadmap to success for anyone who desires to grow stronger, whether it be for powerlifting workouts, athletic endeavors, bodybuilding, or a part of general physical conditioning.


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