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Strength Training & Beyond #3 with Silent Mike



Joseph C says:

Mike you’re looking thick AF

Marcello Graziani says:


Mark Lester Jimenez says:

Ure doing good fairy mike lovin these QandAs

Richie says:

Damn must’ve missed the “taking all questions” post for this one. I wanted
to know for someone who never does cardio, how should I start prowler
training. I’m getting killed on only 5 all out runs.

Russel Nguyen says:

Description “description” lol

Bradley Wilson says:

What’s your views on the Satsuma Rebellion?

Gabe Johansson says:

I usually do a 5×10 with the SS and it burns so good

VikingStrong says:

I am the number one ranked SHW lifter in my region. and on sunday after my
meet i will be ranked 7 in my country, I have been lifting for abit over
two years. how can i become a slingshot athelete? (I am not hunting for
free stuff)

Eric Main says:

What are the requirements to be a super training athlete?

elmohasaposse says:

conjugate method with the upperdays specificly for a better Military press,
would you do military presses on your dynamic upperbody day aswell as on
your ME days and if so, like the standard 50%-55%-60% x 3 reps x 8-10 sets
scheme just like with the bench? Thanks.

Dan Gur says:

Mike, what are some books that you would recommend for some of your

Mark Harris says:

Hey Mike, what advice would you give to an intermediate lifter wanting to
become more advanced?

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