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Strength Training for Young Athletes – 2E


Young superstar athletes have dispelled long-standing misconceptions that strength development should start in the late teens. But much discussion has continued regarding what type of training is most beneficial.

Strength Training for Young Athletes provides all the answers as the authoritative guide to strength development for 7- to 18-year-old athletes. World-renowned strength and conditioning experts William Kraemer and Steven Fleck present the latest facts on the effects of strength training on growth, development, and performance. The authors then make recommendations relative to starting age, choice of exercises, frequency of training, rate of progression, and philosophical aspects of program design.

Learn how to individualize the age-appropriate sample training programs provided based on the athlete’s physical, psychological, and emotional maturity as well as the demands of the sport. Such carefully designed programs not only improve athletic performance and prepare young athletes for higher competitive levels, but they also help to decrease the incidence of injury along the way.

Strength Training for Young Athletes is the most complete and credible resource for developing the muscular foundation for athletic success.

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Steven Burk says:

Too Detailed for Casual User I purchased the book to give me a better idea about putting together a strength training program for my 12 year old son, but found it to be too detailed from a technical standpoint to be enjoyable to read or to serve as a resource that I will readily pick up and use.The book contained a lot of information about the science and medical aspects of strength building, but you really have to plow through a lot to find the key pieces of information.In my view, this book is too…

Anonymous says:

This book opens well, with interesting stuff in regard to children, their development and trainability. All this until page 92. from there on begins the pageful exercise inventory. Truly, I was expecting these two modern experts to delve deeper in to exercise technique in this part of their book that could have really exploited its length. There are also some pictures that do not correspond adequately with the exercise description in the text. I was hoping that the exercise technique be…

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