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Sue Desmond-Hellman on Health, Networks, Social Media

Sue Desmond-Hellman, CEO of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sees Twitter and Facebook as tremendous tools for encouraging communities to make healthier choices. Read more at …


TopPark says:

Little think. Big waste of a video.

SangoProductions21 says:

Well, big think allows non feminist women on the show. Thank you for
respecting your female audience by not assault us with their trash.

tHatReaLSHiZ says:

Sue Desmond on the ultimate truth (for our intents and purposes I am Sue
Desmond right now): Google “Truth Contest” and read “The Present”

KnowledgePlaylists says:

Sue Desmond-Hellman on Health, Networks, Social Media | Sue
Desmond-Hellmann | Big Think #RecentUploads |

OmniphonProductions says:

I like that she doesn’t ignore the elephant in the room, as so many other
social media proponents do. She admits that social media has incredible
potential for harm. Considering how many trolls there are, how many people
who spout destructive messages with relative anonymity and impunity, how
many people obtain all their information from agenda-driven memes, it’s
good to finally hear somebody IN the business admit that sometimes they are
the problem…or at least the vessel by which the problem is perpetuated.

Benjy Znaiizer says:

Her tone or way of speaking seems like she always ends with a ?

Shervin Biteng says:
nathanb says:

Man that’s some good strokin of gen y

Sokar says:

Did she just put “Get your children vaccinated” in the same category of;
“Execise more” and “Stop smoking”? O.O

Guss De Blöd says:

I thought “Sue” was a verb in the title. That was weird.

Sargento Pimienta says:

“We’re trying to change human behavior.”

Am I the only one who got really scared when hearing that statement?

SleekMouse says:

Sue is old and lost. Her ability to hurt coworkers productivity by
constantly asking how to do her job or how stuff works is only outmatched
by her skill in filling the internet with her repasted copied drivel

rawstarmusic says:

it basically says internet spreads information which it does. why not
mention youtube which you’re on. why facebook and twitter that connects
with people that already know of you. most things you learn from youtube
because there is a video on it.

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