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Superman Exercise- Physical Therapy Back Strengthening Exercises

Superman exercise – Physical Therapy Superman exercise variations for back exercises from Learn how to strengthen your back with these 3 variations on …


Michelle Kenway says:

Hi – back to making some exercise vids at last, hope you enjoy! M

Stephanie Taylor says:

I’m a great fan of Michelle Kenway – she is a pioneer in safe exercises for
women with a weak pelvic floor or prolapse – her books and films are
available in the UK here

Kelly Wilkinson says:

I’ve never had the coordination and strength to do a proper superman so
THANK you for showing a few versions I can try. I really like the last one
using the pillow.

Stephanie Taylor says:

Great range of easy to do exercises that will really help those with both
back problems and a weak pelvic floor. Don’t forget that lower back pain
can also be a sign of a weak pelvic floor!

Michelle Kenway says:

Great point – Superman is such a great deep core stabiliser the deep
muscles of the lower back (multifides) and deepest abdominals (transverse
abdominis) thanks so much for your comment! Cheers Michelle

TheAbStand says:

So important to start on therapeutic back exercises earlier before it
becomes a problem. Thanks for sharing this exercise with us!

Fantasticifaction says:

It may be interesting to mention the deeper core muscles, being the m.
multifidus and m. transversus abdominis. This excercise misses its target
if these muscles are not taken into consideration.

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