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Survival Warrior: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Beginner’s Survival Guide On How To Transform Yourself Into An Unstoppable Warrior To Survive In A Post-Apocalyptic Disaster


When disaster strikes and the world as you knew it is thrown into absolute chaos, you will have to become many things in order to survive.

One of those things that you must become, if you want to be able to defend your loved ones, is a warrior.

Contrary to what may come to mind when you think of the word ‘warrior,’ a warrior is not someone who goes around and fights people purely for the sake of fighting.

While it is true that a warrior is certainly trained in weaponry and fighting skills (in addition to building a strong mental and spiritual foundation), being a warrior is about living by a code of honor, being prepared to fight every battle that comes your way as if it were your last, and protecting your friends and relatives even if it comes at the expense of your life.

You also can’t start training to become a warrior after disaster has struck. Rather, you need to start training to become a warrior now, and take to heart knowing that anyone can become a warrior if they choose to become one.

This book is going to walk you through on eight simple steps you need to follow to become a true warrior in your everyday life and in a post-apocalyptic scenario.

These steps are:

-Step #1 – The Things You Need to Become a True Apocalyptic Warrior
-Step #2 – Choosing to Become a Warrior
-Step #3 – Adopting a Personal Warrior Code
-Step #4 – Abandoning Self-Importance
-Step #5 – Assuming the Responsibilities of a Warrior
-Step #6 – Choosing Your Weapons Wisely
-Step #7 – Training Like a Warrior
-Step #8 – Eating Like a Warrior

Becoming a warrior will greatly increase your odds of survival in an SHTF or disaster scenario, because you’ll be much more physically and mentally prepared for the endless hordes of looters, raiders, mobs, and burglars who will start coming your way.


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