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Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, Boy Shorts Bottom


“Tank Top Arms” will target the areas many women complain about most, just in time for the spring and summer seasons. Minna’s program include exercises that not only sculpt muscles but help women with their everyday lives.

Product Features

  • Tighten and Tone Your Whole Body In Just Minutes a Day with Minna Lessig With this innovative body sculpting and toning program, you ll be able to show off your arms, belly, and bottom in no time. Tank Top Arms, Bikini Belly, and Boy Shorts Bottom can help you achieve your fitness goals and get your entire body tightened and toned! By following this program, expect to see significant fat los


MN Walker says:

Another solid workout This is my 4th dvd featuring Minna Lessig. I think she plans very balanced programs that hit all of the areas. This dvd has sections for arms & shoulders, abs, and glutes plus an additional 15 minutes segment for total body conditioning. All segments are challenging and include some moves that are new to me. You need two sets of weights (light & heavy) and a mat. I’ve been working out regularly for a while, so I used 5 and 8 pound weights. If you are just starting out, go lighter…

M. T. Martin says:

the only one who does not like it!?! Okay so I give a workout several chances before I make up my mind. I was excited about this one after reading the reviews here. Clearly people like it, so it could be me. I work out an hour a day to a video, usually taebo or the firm (allison davis) or pilates (ana caban), and I am thin and do well aerobically but lack strength so I thought the toning from this video would do the trick. Here are my issues with it.What I was hoping for were challenging, simple, streamlined movements that…

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