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The #1 Hand Grip Strengthener SET w/ Adjustable Resistance Range 22 to 88 Lbs(10-40kg) – Complete Bundle w/ Exercise Grip Balls – Ideal training tool to increase strength of hands,fingers,wrists and forearms – Excellent for musicians (guitar,drummers,piano players etc.) – Gymnasts, Fitness and Sport enthusiasts(body builders,golf,tennis players,rock climbers etc.) – Hand Gripper Perfect to recover from injuries.


Easy Adjustable resistance range from 22 to 88 Lbs (10-40kg). Beautiful ergonomic design, anti-slip handles fitting any hand size. Perfect for people of all ages. High Quality material, fits conveniently in your pocket.Norse Strengths is ideal to: Improve performance in sports where hand, wrist and forearm strength, coordination and control are required. People needing to do physiotherapy, endurance, and strength building exercises and sufferers from arthritis and tendonitis. Anyone who is recovering from any hand, wrist or forearm injury. Great for rehabilitation. Build muscle strength in the hands, wrists, fingers and forearms in order to elevate muscle imbalance and prevent injury. Guitar, Piano, Violin, Drum and other instrument player that wants to play more effectively and comfortably.Fits conveniently in your pocket, purse or gym bag. Exercise anywhere at anytime.

Product Features

  • REDUCED RISKS OF INJURIES – Your hands are made up of muscles,nerves and bones that work in synergy to help you pick up,push and pull various things.We are using them in our daily basis,so strong hands will keep you away from injuries in your usual day activities.
  • ENDURANCE -When you work your hand muscles during hand grip exercises, it becomes easy for you to carry out activities that require you to apply a certain amount of grip for extended periods of time.
  • INCREASED HAND STRENGTH – Hand grip exercises do a good job at strengthening your wrist, arms and corresponding muscles with time. If you do this in the gym, you get to see faster results since you’re able to train with heavy weights.
  • IMPROVE DEXTERITY – Hand grips will work to build up your fingers independently, thus improving dexterity. Musicians sometimes work their fingers by using spring-loaded hand grips in order to make sure they can deftly build up enough strength in each finger to confidently apply just the correct quantity of pressure on their instruments.
  • BONUS AND GUARANTEE -Your experience with Norse Strengths it’s all that matter.We are extremely confident about our product and your positive experience. If you are not satisfied 100% in any way from certain reasons,please feel free to return it within 60 days for a FULL REFUND. Norse Strength Hand Gripper Include a pair of Hand Grip Balls,with medium and firm various resistance. Perfect to keep your fingers strong, in your everyday use of tablet,phone,gaming console or computer. We have a limited amount available, so ORDER YOURS TODAY!


PinkRabbit says:

Stronger hands and forearms! I really wanted this Grip Strengthener set and am so pleased it lived up to its designation as #1. Even with playing piano for a number of years and having a fair amount of dexterity in my hands, over the years my hands are getting weaker. Especially my left hand. It actually hurts if over use takes place. In speaking to a trainer at the gym, she recommended a grip strengthener. Much of what we do on a daily basis involves some degree of…

chawn ward says:

… Range by Norse Strengths is probably one of the better ones I have purchased The The #1 Hand Grip Strengthener SET w/ Adjustable Resistance Range by Norse Strengths is probably one of the better ones I have purchased. I actually purchased this item for my husband, because the other one I had purchased felt too “small” for him. He has been working out for a few months now, so I am always trying to come up with new things to get him or help him. I like that this Hand Grip Strengthener is adjustable and comes with a set of balls as well. It definitely takes…

Trina tree says:

hand grip strengthener 0

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