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The #1 way to health success on your vegan diet ……..

The number way I see people getting to health success ……its role to make this thing happen …what are we am waiting for ??? for my ebooks with my go to recipes and the…


mikeymikk says:

I’ve never nodded in agreement so much as I did for this video because
you’re so absolutely right with everything you said. Establishing
boundaries not only sets expectations for the people you’re dealing with
but also protects us from the negativity they ooze or spew onto us. It’s
OUR space, our health, our sanity and we can so easily let it be devastated
by others, even those we love. Drawing a line to keep our “inner terrain”
calm so we can give our attention and care to those who want and need it –
that should be our focus. Awesome talk, Tanya!

melinamandarini says:

Because I know that I know that I know that I loved this message ❤️

Second Chances says:

Tanny I am so happy I have come across your channel I am where you were I
am only 35 I have had a lot of physical and emotional trauma and i am now
chronically ill but yes i still work full time and i smile through the
pain. I have my own channel and i have made videos about my story so far
but i want to change my life you give me hope you are my inspiration
thankyou for being you and putting these beautiful messages on youtube

Yvette Gault says:

The best way to start the day is with words of wisdom from Tanny Raw! Lol I
enjoy your message of love and light every day. The people around me are a
sea of beige. It is so refreshing to have see your vivid colors beaming
through every video. Thank you for all your hard work and spreading hope to
so many people. I’ve been vegan since March…never looking back again!

Rozanna Bojdo says:

No props, no fancy background music, no video editing, no professional
photography, but such power. Tanny raw organic words, that’s why we love
and respect you Tanny.

victoria arnstein says:

great message, I have been saying this for’s how I live my life!
I motivate myself by the hour, not just the day. I know, nobody cares about
me as much as I care about me!

Joan L says:

Thank you so much for posting daily videos. I can’t imagine how much work
it is, because I never made a video for the world to see, but I’m sure that
it requires alot of effort. From the comments, you can see how much we all
enjoy a daily dose of your love and light. I think Ellie Mae made a cameo
appearance when you had your back turned. :) I finally made some French
dressing today with 1 mango and 1 red bell pepper. I didn’t add anything
else and it was awesome. I don’t know why I waited so long to make it. I
want to try one of the ‘ranch’ dressing recipes next.

Raw Radiant Fruitarian says:

Oh YES!!! TannyRaw you nail it right on the head once again. But, I’m not
surprised you do just that every DANG day:)!! Thank you!! We are the ones
we are waiting for!

Vegan Ninja says:

Or like the saying goes…..
Don’t worry about
What I’m doing
Worry about why
You’re worried about
What I’m doing…
People feel superior when others fail it’s a very unattractive trait…

Candy Bowers says:

Tanny you talk away I’m listening, and I want to hear what you have to say!
It’s sad that we cannot share with those around us. They are missing out on
so much beauty we have to offer. But, look at all of your followers that
you are shining apon! We love you!❤️Thank you for being you!

Raw Radiant Fruitarian says:

Yes, because as you say, “we plan ahead to get ahead”!


Gordon Ramsay is not around:-)

Kathryn M. Saunders says:

Oh Tanny your such a power house!! 😀 I need this so much lately.

yurdreamwoman says:

the best vegan raw food information is on fullyrawKristina! she rocks!!

theresa jurrus says:

Wow Tanny you are always so amazing to me. What a knock out speaker you
are. I loved this powerful powerful standard for life.

J Hoffmann says:

+TANNYRAW i feel like you are speaking to me. I love your advice and i am
doing for me a little more and a little more. Thankyou my YouTube friend :)

wayne70461 says:

So much Love in your words. Thanks for sharing your wisdom. :)

Clare Searle says:

Amen to that! Beautiful insight and powerful words. Thanks for sharing your
wisdom with us. Happy Saturday lovely.

Raw 4 Life TV says:

Thank You Tanny This really resonated with me. You are a Diamond!

Jill Brewer says:

“Every Dang Day” :) is beautiful! Thank you for your inspiring messages,

SoulMan says:

I love when you get philosophical :) Nicely done beautiful one :)

Marta D says:

I’m the kind of bad influence teenager you were talking about. I’m bringing
myself and others down because I’m losing motivation more and more. I was
really excited to become a fruitarian a year ago, and transitioned to vegan
diet then. But I’ve lost my path and can’t see where I should start to take
up the journey to fruitarianism again. What you said impacted me more than
other videos but I still can’t see what to do. It’s like I want someone to
guide me but at the same time I tell myself to not make myself a victim and
to ”carb the fuck up”. I feel really weak for not doing anything about

Annabee says:

Nothing lasts forever: the only constant thing is change. You can wake up
one morning and it could all be gone. I’m sure for any of us this has
happened in various ways. I learned the hard way – you are your only
security. Get a good (well) body and a good education. No one can ever
take these away from you. Tanny, you’re so interesting to listen to!

Bode Brooks says:

You so fricken Rock !

Kirby Munroe says:

Hope this remains your path because you are a genuine force.
So glad we got you’re talent before the churches did.
Nothing against organized religion … ahem … but their loss, our gain.

Lavender Blue says:

Wonderful! Perfectly said. xo

Sproutasaurus says:

Biggest lesson from today’s video: “There are no promises!”

Aya Amena says:

I totally needed this!! Tanny, you are such a great speaker! So
inspirational, so motivational! I started watching your videos back when
you had about 1 or 2,000 subscribers and look where you are at now! Over
13,000 followers! Your channel has grown exponentially, you know why?
Because you hit home. You know what to say and how to say it! You inform
without pushing your beliefs. You are a role model. Keep doing what you’re
doing!! Much love<3

Kandi Chehade says:

You are such a blessing….thank you for all that you do to educate &
motivate. You are awesome!

Kathryn M. Saunders says:

♥ ♥ ♥

Kerry Jayne says:

Perfect loved your advice, Thankyou sweet lady.. Xx

Corys ConsciousLiving says:

Wowzer… Your were on it today, sweet lady!
Sprinkling Star Beams all over the world :)

magicandjulie says:

You have a gift…thanks for sharing your messages. Today’s message is
perfect! Yesterday’s message was too…each day I listen to you I feel so
inspired. I’ve been working on deleting negativity in my life. Although
it’s hard to do, once done a burden lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been
working on this for a couple of years now. Thank you.

BASanderson says:

Telling the teacher to “fruit off” LOL!

tumater says:

Got rid of all the “bad” stuff again yesterday.Reprogramed by brain with
all nighter of watermelon, grapes, RawMaw and fruit videos till 5:30am.Slept
3 hours and started in on painting and drywall project.I’m afraid I’m going
to eventually crash. Talk me down Tanya! :)

veggiegrinder says:

You’re the sunshine on my cloudy morning today :) Thank you for being so
true to yourself. It’s really a breath of fresh air.

Bode Brooks says:

We love you so much ! I’m turning everyone on to you :)

Katherine Taylor says:

Great talk!! I have been dabbling in this low fat raw vegan world for long
enough. I know what needs to be done and I just need to do it!! Thanks for
being my beam of love and light! Shine on!

Happy to be Taylor says:

I decided not to debate with a woman from the farmers market today. .. I
had on my vegan t-shirt and I guess it clearly upset her. ..she states to
me that fish isnt meat. I told her I don’t care what you call call it, im
not gonna kill it to eat it. I told her im not here to debate with her and
I turned and walked way. It was very upsetting to me. But she clearly had
limited knowledge on my vegan lifestyle so there was no need for me to
continue the conversation. I took the high rd.

For the Love of Organizing says:

“The number one motivator in my life is me.” Love it! You are such a bright

didalaughs says:

YES! I watched this on my way back from the Trader Joes! So so true! I have
‘coworker’ friends who I so enjoy, but we have so few things in common, I
don’t spend a lot of time with them.and while I would like to, I also won’t
go there! We are not in the same path whatsoever. And I don’t regret
staying in my lane, without them!

Joanna W says:

Beautiful motivitional speaker! ❤️

Plant Based Science says:

Yes Miss!

Yum in Your Mouth says:

I love your motivational videos. I think many people want the same as we
do, but they let themselves become a product of their environment. They are
too comfortable and everything is convenient. And at times, here in
Philadelphia, I see many (especially) women not have the correct guidance
and mentor to lead them to the path they want. Nor do they know where to
even begin. All they know and see is social media and what’s going on in
their environment. Anyway, love Ur videos!

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