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The Edge of Strength: An Unconventional Guide To Live Your Strength And Discover Your Greatness


The Edge of Strength is an unconventional guide to maximizing health and performance through a foundation of strength training, written for today’s serious fitness enthusiast. Maximize movement and mobility, improve strength training performance, and forge an athletic body. This is the first major book from Strength Coach, Performance Specialist, and Former Physical Therapist, Scott Iardella. A book that had to be written, The Edge of Strength describes a unique philosophy and methodology of training through 30 years of diverse experiences. Learn why strength is the foundation for life and sport, learn how strong is strong enough with the 5 levels of strength, discover the essential rules and concepts for long term success, learn about a unique approach to progressive training with Strength Stacking, and discover a complete system to train stronger, smarter, and better. Bodyweight training, kettlebells, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting are key methods covered in this comprehensive book. You will have a deep understanding of why strength is your edge by reading The Edge of Strength.


Chad Racine says:

Must have book for….well everyone. I’ve been following the authors work and podcast for probably 6 years now so I knew this book wouldn’t disappoint. My expectations were high and what I got out of the book was even higher. The author is passionate about learning and passionate about teaching and passing on his knowledge. He’s not about marketing gimmicks and trying to sell you something for the sake of a buck. He’s all about giving you the best content that he can give you. No book is magic and will do the work for you…

Thomas R. Mann says:

The real deal. For anyone looking for a credible guide to strength training, this book is for you. The author has spent a lifetime gathering information from the most respected in the field and from his personal experience and has written a text which could only increase your chance of being successful. I am familiar with the author from his website and podcast but do not know him personally. His primary motivation seems to be a genuine interest in others, and applying his knowledge and experience to help…

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