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The Juggernaut Method 2.0 – Strength, Speed, and Power For Every Athlete


Are you ready to improve your performance in the gym and on the field? How would you feel with a more explosive, stronger, better conditioned body? Do you want to be the most dominant athlete possible? Click the cover of The Juggernaut Method 2.0 above to download a FREE 15 page preview of the book that is sure to change everything, again!

If you don’t use a program that properly combines speed and strength development with mobility and conditioning, you are failing to achieve peak performance and unnecessarily exposing yourself to injury.

A Training Program Unparalleled In Its Ability To Enhance Your Performance

The Juggernaut Method 2.0 is the follow-up to the best selling Juggernaut Method ebook and includes all the programming and details that helped send 8 players to the NFL and 22 more to Division 1 universities in 2012 alone. The Juggernaut Method 2.0 is not just a sets and reps program to help your squat, bench and deadlift skyrocket, it is also a guide to sprint/jump training, medicine ball throws and sport specific energy system training to turn you into an athletic powerhouse.

The Juggernaut Method 2.0 is over 100 pages worth of physical preparation material geared at making you the fastest, strongest, most powerful and well conditioned athlete possible. In this informative ebook, you’ll learn the following…


-The foundational ideas of athletic performance training

-The value of submaximal training and results driven progress


-Explanation and outline of the different phases of The Juggernaut Method

-How to progress through each training session and from one training wave to the next

-The percentage, set and rep schemes that have produced champion strength athletes and All-Americans across a variety of sports


-Specific warm-ups to prepare you for training sessions with a variety of emphasis and goals

-Video demonstrations of every warm-up maneuver and technique


-The Inverted Juggernaut Method

-Undulating Periodization Model

-The Juggernaut Method and The 9 Day Work Week


-Assistance training aimed at every physical goal

-Weighted dip and chin-up programs to build tremendous relative strength


-How to organize sprint training for maximum acceleration, speed and change of direction performance

-Jump training to enhance rate of force development and explosive strength

-Medicine ball throws to improve total body coordination and explosive power with video demonstrations and explanations of each throwing variation


-How to increase your alactic capacity, aerobic capacity and lactic capacity

-How to manipulate conditioning to enhance your recovery

-Specific Football conditioning program


-Proper peaking strategies to ensure you are your strongest on the day of the meet

-Implementing strongman event training into your TJM program

-Periodization schemes for Strongman events


-Dietary guidelines for mass gain, body recompisition and fat loss

-Juggernaut’s favorite recipes with macronutrient breakdowns

The information in this product outlines all of the details of athlete’s training at Juggernaut which they pay up to $1000/month for.


-These videos will allow you to see what you should and shouldn’t be doing to ensure you are doing things exactly correctly.

This program gives you everything necessary to build your own athletic and strength training programs: Sets, reps, rest periods, special exercises, the works!


Tzafrir Ashton says:

basicaly a variation of 531 by jim wendler nice program for building raw strength and speed.the program is a variation of the 531 by jim wendler, and i think the 531 is a better program(and the new beyond edition really takes it up a few notches) but maybe some people could benefit from that book, maybe those who dont like the basics of the 531(some of the principles stil here, but the progression and the templates are different).i liked the sprinting template because it’s to improve speed which is my target with…

Sean says:

Just Great! This is a super great program for athletes requiring explosive strength, speed, power, and high alactic capacities in their sports, as well as Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, and Strongman athletes. It is a combination of carefully selected aspects from many other great programs, such as the Westside Barbell’s conjugate method, Jim Wendler’s 5-3-1 lifting program, and Eastern Block training methodologies using volume and intensity progressions to strength, as well as deloading scenarios. It…

Kindle Customer says:

Chad Wesley Smith breaks the program down to be easily understood and implements ideas not only from his own … Logic based. Sound principles applied that make sense when you are able to remove the fear associated with thinking outside the “strength and conditioning field community” box. Chad Wesley Smith breaks the program down to be easily understood and implements ideas not only from his own experience and training but that of other great minds such as James Smith, Jim Wendler and other Soviet Sports Scientists. If your not afraid to think for yourself as a coach, then this is a great program…

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